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  1. Robert is back on Twitter!! "New NAM detaching Oregon wave more strongly now, compared to old run of Positive Tilt.Leaves room for stronger neutral tilt srn wave."
  2. Looks like it touched the northern stream but not phased at 72
  3. Wave come on shore in Oregon at 42. Looks good so far...
  4. I dont see how this is a trend towards the Euro. It just didnt dig as deep this time. 18Z GFS looks very reasonable to me
  5. No reason to go all in on anything until the wave gets on the coast/shore and is sampled better.
  6. CMC is cold enough, just doesnt develop the Big Low as per GFS
  7. Looks more north, but not much further north at this hour
  8. When was the last time the GFS OP and GFS PARA were that close!
  9. Here at my location in Danville Va, 0z gives us close to 3", but just a little ways up the road, Roanoke to Lynchburg get 10-15". Wow
  10. Still plenty of time to sample this storm.... I think starting tonight , 0z will tell, maybe not what will happen exactly, but what direction we are heading.
  11. Would love to see the west trend continue.... But how far west can it go? Going by upper air pattern and such...
  12. Now, is it to hard to ask for the rest of the models to continue westward!
  13. Should be interesting for us in Southside VA. I've noticed though that some locals have lowered our totals from yesterday
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