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  1. For MSP? Sounds about right.
  2. One of the great myths believed by general public about Minnesota is that it snows a lot here. Minnesota has the potential for large snowstorms but outside of the Northeast/Arrowhead where Lake Superior can supply extra moisture, the timing of moisture (from gulf of mexico) traveling north and cold air dropping south from Canada has to be perfect. More often than not, the cold high pressure dominates. Years like 95-96, 96-97, 2000-2001, 2008-09, 2010-11, and 2013-14 distort the average yearly snowfall statistics of Minnesota terribly. I'd be interested to know exactly what the median snowfall is versus the average. Taking it even further the numbers get distorted even more because the biggest snowstorms (large precip) in Minnesota are generally early (pre-thanksgiving) or late (after March 15) due to the cold high pressure dominating Dec-Feb.
  3. I just realized I have only used my snowblower 5 times since fall 2014. Thats pretty lame for the Minnesota/Canadian border. Ever since I got 18" on April 1st 2014 it's felt like every snow event just seems to fizzle as it gets near. I am hoping for a 2012-2013 type turn around in snow/cold. Looks like the cold is coming, but the snow looks to be going south of me...
  4. If I remember right that winter was a nearly endless parade of lows that tracked through the Canadian prairies and laid down mountan like amounts of snow in far ne ontario. So much snow that the Canadian government issued a statement about the possibility of avalanches in the area.
  5. XfireLOW

    Winter 2018-19 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    For extreme NW Minnesota and SE Manitoba the weather patterns over last 18-24 months have been dry overall, so the lack of snow really has more to do with lack of moisture than the temperature patterns. September 2017 we got about 6" of rain in 3 weeks and this fall had a similar stretch in Sept-October. Without those two stretches of rainfall this area would be in serious drought. Meanwhile I know not more than 50-60 miles south and east of me its seems to be constantly raining.
  6. XfireLOW

    Winter 2018-19 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    ...and pretty much everywhere else in the central part of North America as well.
  7. XfireLOW

    Winter 2018-19 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    That torch on the 28th actually looks like a chance for decent snow for me. The pattern most here are dreading, I am looking forward to. Haven't had a snowstorm at home since last January. Jonger, after the combination of developing el nino and cold october and november for northern minnesota, the hallmark signals for a bad winter in northern mn. I gave up hope around thanksgiving and booked my flight to Jackson Hole to go sledding for the third week of march.
  8. XfireLOW

    October 2018 General Discussion

    ...and even more contrast further nw with 18" of snowfall in eastern ND.
  9. XfireLOW

    September 2018 General Discussion

    First snowflakes of the year for me today, mixed with sleet and graupel. Middle of the day and its 37.
  10. XfireLOW

    August 2018 General Discussion

    It got cold last night up here last night. Here in Baudette it only got down to 44 at the airport.
  11. Are you getting those big eyes mounted? Do you guys eat those big walleye? I can't imagine they will taste very good. Here on Lake of the Woods/Rainy River everything 19.5"-28" must go back immediately, but I think the general consensus around here is if you want the best tasting walleye, target keeping the 14 inchers, even the 19 inchers start to taste poor.
  12. XfireLOW

    May 2018 General Discussion

    Those 80s didn't feel like 80s either with the dry air. It felt like low 70s, and the temps were noticeably cooling by 5-6 pm before diurnal cooling started.
  13. XfireLOW

    May 2018 General Discussion

    Dry air and very dry ground giving that spread in temps. It seems like every other day has been a red flag warning the last couple weeks.
  14. XfireLOW

    April 2018 General Discussion

    With all the snowfall elsewhere, its seems hard to believe that I have only had a total of 4" of snowfall in by backyard since February 25th. The lack of snow was frustrating in March, but now I am very pleased. 50's and sunny through the weekend in my forecast should melt most of remaining snow drifts and piles, while the most of the upper midwest is saturated with melting snow. I even have thoughts of golfing before May 1st, which is a 50/50 proposition every year for my area.
  15. XfireLOW

    April 2018 General Discussion

    Those T amounts for INL and DLH are bit silly in my opinion. Sure there were a few snow piles that survived from the late October and November snowfalls, but besides those and a few sheltered north facing patches of grass it all melted with warmth and rain Thanksgiving weekend and the following week.