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  1. XfireLOW

    October 2018 General Discussion

    ...and even more contrast further nw with 18" of snowfall in eastern ND.
  2. XfireLOW

    September 2018 General Discussion

    First snowflakes of the year for me today, mixed with sleet and graupel. Middle of the day and its 37.
  3. XfireLOW

    August 2018 General Discussion

    It got cold last night up here last night. Here in Baudette it only got down to 44 at the airport.
  4. Are you getting those big eyes mounted? Do you guys eat those big walleye? I can't imagine they will taste very good. Here on Lake of the Woods/Rainy River everything 19.5"-28" must go back immediately, but I think the general consensus around here is if you want the best tasting walleye, target keeping the 14 inchers, even the 19 inchers start to taste poor.
  5. XfireLOW

    May 2018 General Discussion

    Those 80s didn't feel like 80s either with the dry air. It felt like low 70s, and the temps were noticeably cooling by 5-6 pm before diurnal cooling started.
  6. XfireLOW

    May 2018 General Discussion

    Dry air and very dry ground giving that spread in temps. It seems like every other day has been a red flag warning the last couple weeks.
  7. XfireLOW

    April 2018 General Discussion

    With all the snowfall elsewhere, its seems hard to believe that I have only had a total of 4" of snowfall in by backyard since February 25th. The lack of snow was frustrating in March, but now I am very pleased. 50's and sunny through the weekend in my forecast should melt most of remaining snow drifts and piles, while the most of the upper midwest is saturated with melting snow. I even have thoughts of golfing before May 1st, which is a 50/50 proposition every year for my area.
  8. XfireLOW

    April 2018 General Discussion

    Those T amounts for INL and DLH are bit silly in my opinion. Sure there were a few snow piles that survived from the late October and November snowfalls, but besides those and a few sheltered north facing patches of grass it all melted with warmth and rain Thanksgiving weekend and the following week.
  9. XfireLOW

    Current Snow Pack and Depths

    2013-14 is likely a winter that will not be repeated for a long long time, the magnitude of snowfall and cold over the northern plains, upper midwest and central canada will likely never be seen in our lifetime again. Remember in the same time frame the huge ridge over eastern pacific left the pretty much the entire west coast of North America and Alaska high and dry the entire winter.
  10. XfireLOW

    Current Snow Pack and Depths

    If you add up monthly totals for the calendar year of 2013 (Jan-Dec) John Dee measured 382" according to his historical weather page. Not sure it means much except I found that interesting. Add in the rest of the 2013-2014 winter and the 18 months of Jan 2013-May 2014 were very snowy for the UP and I know the same can be said for Northern Minnesota (compared to averages).
  11. XfireLOW

    Current Snow Pack and Depths

    Close to it probably but you need a 7+ figure trust fund in your name to do it. Settle for a 30 minute drive and the price is a lot more reasonable.
  12. XfireLOW

    Current Snow Pack and Depths

    Tetons just got 30" overnight. Snow depth of 141". I have seen up to 170" snow depth reported there but the 30" in 24 hours is the highest I have seen reported. http://jhavalanche.org/viewTeton If you look through there weekly snowpack summary archive you can see how snowfall even in the best LES belts doesn't really compare to the mountains. Not a surprise I know but it's still hard to comprehend 10 foot snow depths even when I have seen them first hand.
  13. XfireLOW

    Early February Hyperactivity

    I have noticed this trend multiple times play out in the past. Models show a series of clippers hitting the same area within 7 days. Initially it looks to favor a band through Iowa and Illinois. As the time approaches the band shifts North to southern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Then to northern Minnesota and the UP. By the time it happens the band is up in Manitoba and Ontario. Not saying it will happen this time. But it wouldn't surprise me either.
  14. XfireLOW

    2017 - 2018 Winter Sports Thread

    Your loss was my gain. While you were getting warmth and rain I got 6"+ of snow that the models never truly had a grasp on until 24 hours prior. A pic from over the weekend, it seemed deeper than it looks in the picture.
  15. XfireLOW

    January 11-13 Winter Storm

    I feel for you guys seeing a double digits snowstorm vanish into the model abyss. Your guys loss is my gain. A few days ago it looked like tonight was going to be a pretty dry Arctic cold front passing over northern mn lucky to eek out a couple inches of snow. Now it looks like widespread 4-6"+ for nearly all of northern mn.