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  1. 1 hour ago, Scotty said:

    Why would anyone want to see anything else! During sandy I took a tree to my house. My family was traumatized. I’ll take a nor’easter any day. I’m sad anyone has to Get hammered. Someone’s nor’easter is another regions diseaster. Be very careful what you wish for 

    It isn't hurricane season to me until we have a post like this!

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  2. My mom took this while she was out getting her steak. Apparently, downtown Fredericksburg has tornado sirens now! Now I’m disappointed I didn’t go with her. I would have loved to have heard that in real life.


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  3. We really hit a jackpot here. I'd honestly say the most impressive thunderstorm I've been in since the derecho. Power is out, trees are down, roads are flooded, weather weenie is throbbing!

    Corresponding with the worst winds (around 4:35) the radar velocity showed some green patches within the red, just north of where I live. Nothing impressive but makes sense because the direction of the winds had practically no consistency at all.

    I was hoping to drive around and get pictures but I'm stuck between road closures. Recorded most of it from the window because I'm itching for a Darwin award but it was pretty much a whiteout during the worst of it so the footage probably isn't any good. Oh well. My mom made it back home with her steak just minutes before the first gusts, so a happy ending for everybody!

    ...Well, except I guess for the losers who only got a few thundershowers. 


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  4. 1 minute ago, yoda said:



    Severe Thunderstorm Warning
    Severe Thunderstorm Warning
    National Weather Service Baltimore MD/Washington DC
    303 PM EDT SUN AUG 12 2018
    The National Weather Service in Sterling Virginia has issued a
    * Severe Thunderstorm Warning for...
      Southwestern Stafford County in northern Virginia...
      Northeastern Orange County in central Virginia...
      Southeastern Fauquier County in northern Virginia...
      Southeastern Culpeper County in northern Virginia...
      North central Spotsylvania County in central Virginia...
    * Until 415 PM EDT.
    * At 303 PM EDT, a severe thunderstorm was located 8 miles east of
      Culpeper, moving east at 15 mph.
      This is a very dangerous storm with a history of producing wind
      HAZARD...80 mph wind gusts and tennis ball size hail.
      SOURCE...Radar indicated.
      IMPACT...Expect considerable damage to trees and power lines. You
               life is at significant risk if outdoors. In addition to
               some trees falling into homes, wind damage is possible to
               roofs, sheds, open garages, and mobile homes.
    * Locations impacted include...
      Remington, Elkwood, Stevensburg, Roseville, Lois, Flat Run,
      Chancellorsville, Ramoth, Heflin, Lignum, Storck, Holly Corner,
      Dunavant, Glendie, Richardsville, Morrisville, Hartwood, Goldvein
      and Sumerduck.
    Remain alert for a possible tornado! Tornadoes can develop quickly
    from severe thunderstorms. If you spot a tornado go at once into the
    basement or small central room in a sturdy structure.
    This is a potentially deadly storm. Seek shelter in an interior room
    on the lowest floor of a well-built structure. Abandon vehicles in
    search of a more substantial permanent structure. Stay away from
    LAT...LON 3844 7793 3855 7786 3847 7743 3827 7757
    TIME...MOT...LOC 1903Z 291DEG 12KT 3846 7785

    And my mom is out in this because she wanted a prime rib from Outback. :facepalm:

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  5. This reminds me a little bit of that coastal storm we got that seemed to linger over us for days back in late September of 2008. Anyone know what I'm talking about? The wind was a little bit stronger with that one but the steady, dreary rain and the 'Feel' outside was similar. If I woke up from a coma and walked outside today I would have bet money that it was September.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Windspeed said:

    Anyone know what the record is for tornado warnings in a tropical cyclone? I can't find anything. Harvey has probably already annihilated that or will before the event over.

    I don't know about the number of TW's, but Ivan holds the records for the most tornadoes, so I'd imagine he would also hold the record for TW's as well?

  7. 1 minute ago, wxeyeNH said:

    This is just such an amazing picture.  As a photo enthusiast this is the best picture I have ever seen of a hurricane eyewall taken from the ground.  Sure, lots of eyewall pictures from Recon's but almost never from the ground.  To capture it at night with in cloud lightning and the stars makes this a one in a million shot!  I think the stars came out great because we are just past new moon and obviously with a large hurricane there is zero light pollution for hundreds of miles around.  Great job.  (  PS I think this was taken from a video grab he did)


    That's a once-in-a-lifetime kind of picture. Stadium effect from the ground, lightning in the eyewall, and an eye clear enough to see the stars. Harvey made a lot of weenie dreams come true.

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  8. 13 minutes ago, StormChaser4Life said:

    I'm honestly shocked their weren't higher sustained winds reported with higher gusts. Maybe it just wasn't reaching the surface but I figured it would with how intense that western eyewall was. Reed claimed 140+ gusts in his video

    This almost always happens and it drives me crazy. Blame the anemometers. <_< It's also possible some of the more impressive observations haven't been reported yet, I guess.