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  1. still on the muggy warm side in CHA... just a nick BN for June.. that always translates to comfortable for the mountains though. We can do summers even cooler than this, just haven't had one in a few years.
  2. "benign temperature regime"-- starting a church in honor of that phrase.
  3. That said the 12z GFS doesn't look too horrible for heat until the very end of the run mid-July... prime heat climatology and past truncation. Hey, I try to have hope in these doom times. 'prime heat climatology and past truncation'... they said the same thing about Cersei Lannister, no?
  4. Global warming be gaslighting us humidity haters..
  5. Think we're pretty solid here in CHA for a BN temp month.. it's still gonna be close though. Might as well root for 2 in a row.
  6. 71 dew point here... ****, I ain't complaining... no 90s in sight for 10 days.
  7. can't complain so far, it's not nearly as hot as last June.. my 10 day forecast has 90 degrees for the hottest temp in the period.. lows cooling back down into the 60s after a brief humid spell. Incidentally, what do 'rising heights in Asia' correspond to in N. American weather? more eastern troughiness? Or, a SER? Clueless here.
  8. Cooler than if a ridge was in its place? Like almost always?
  9. 62 here at my house in North Chattanooga... probably won't feel like this at this hour for another 3 and half months. I'm getting teary-eyed, folks...
  10. We'll see... it's definitely wetter this year than last.. But May will still likely come in AN temp wise for the 15th straight month in most East Tn locations. Last summer's long streak of 70+ lows was miserable though. I'll suffer through some dry heat spells, with change up rainy days as long as last summer doesn't repeat.
  11. in NE it's a safe bet... overall East Coast, different crap shoot.
  12. NE colder than normal for a 2-3 week period?