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  1. Love the Benny Hill picture!
  2. Thanks for the info!
  3. So, I can never be under a Blizzard watch or Warning again???? WTF. I also think this is a bad idea as the general public looks at a winter storm watch as an area wide event and lake effect more localized. People will have to pay attention more beyond the watch or warning to get the finer details. Lake temps back up to normal to slightly above I would think. They were a bit below normal as of early September. To think of this stretch of warmth and it could snow next month. Hope everyone has been well.
  4. Measured about 25" total here in Phoenix.
  5. No way they open tomorrow. This is the heaviest it has snowed all day.
  6. Thanks man! I had that radar as a favorite on my computer in the house and just bookmarked it on my laptop!
  7. Easy 2" per hour stuff here in Phoenix. Cranking!
  8. Just went outside and puking snow here in Phoenix. Just in that band that is oriented north south across western part of Onondaga County.
  9. CranKINGing here on west side of Phoenix. Flake size increasing and snowing easy inch an hour. Probably up to 12 to 13 total!
  10. 23" in Oneonta.
  11. The oranges on radar are with 9's live feed radar colors with the greens instead of the purples for light snow.
  12. Thanks. Impressive rates in that.
  13. Look at the oranges showing up with that D_ _ _ H Band. Check out doppler 9.
  14. Come to papa!!
  15. Best guesses as to where that may be LEK? Thanks!