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  1. Yeah, Everything to day has brought the heavier precip up this way as this one looks like its closing off slightly NE of where it was yesterday
  2. Well, I am enjoying these trends, My qpf keeps bumping up.............
  3. Not surprising but the 12z GGEM moved towards the RGEM/GFS camp
  4. Not going to nail down specifics as far as suckerholes, Subsidance zones or dryslots until this sets up
  5. That map over night was pretty much Euro, I think there will be more adjustments before all said and done
  6. Bufkit even for the Nam up here was 19.7", But the Nam is on an island and it just sank
  7. Yeah, The 12z GFS looks good as well looks like it has shifted the precip further North and east like the RGEM
  8. It has wavered very little last 3 runs, You have to give it weight
  9. I understand, Just a little frustrating, Trends are favorable on the models for us though.............
  10. 12z Nam just puked, Closed off further SW, dropped qpf a bit over a fairly wide area, This model is unreal
  11. I saw the same one, It did not update the panel until a few minutes later when i refreshed it again
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