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  1. WTF.. Im out here right now and yes, its this cold.
  2. If you are like me and spend all winter and spring dreaming of summer then you will be extremely disappointed. If you are some sort of freak, depressing misanthrope you are going to LOVE IT!
  3. Agreed, its going to suck this year. I wont turn on the AC unless its upper 80's at night. I was not one of them
  4. Been to Dublin a few times. Tasted the same.
  5. RANT WARNING: So far this May has been GARBAGE to me, i think the entire summer will be a bust. I like the summers i remember as a teen in the early 90's as it seems in my memory that it was already in the 80's on long island and sun more often than not by now. Only my wifes job keeps me here but i would love to be living in place that has little to no rain and long hot summers. F-this weather we have right now. Its 54f out my back door with wind and rain. Its a serious let down. My outlook for this summer here on Long Island is cooler and wetter than normal. Meaning more depression and sorrow. I work outside and cant stand this endless rain. I feel like im living in Dublin.
  6. My fear is it will be cold and wet until June like a few years back, i don't remember the exact year but it was cold and rain on Memorial day.
  7. Whats going on out here on the island is amazing to me, RT112 is the snow line of sorts. Im in Stony Brook and i only have maybe 2-3" and its mixed in with ice and rain but the wind is crazy
  8. Question or your opinion: Do any of you guys things the rest of this winter is a bust. Deep down inside i feel by the middle of march we may have cone chance at substantial snow on Long Island but after looking hard at the pattern it seems it would take a lot of magic and a complete flip at this point. I think winter might be "over"
  9. So what do you guys think the rest of feb will play out? Could this winter be doomed? I hope so.
  10. Just about 04:20 and the wind is starting to really pick up, over 20mph
  11. It did not seem that insane. It was BN but i feel it is not a sure bet going all the way out till middle march
  12. No wind and its raining right now in stony brook