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  1. GrimReap3r

    2018 General Severe Weather

    TOR Warning - Southern Wayne County near Mount Olive
  2. GrimReap3r

    Storm Banter & Complaint Thread, Jan 22-23

    Lost power...401N near rolesville
  3. GrimReap3r

    February 25th-26th Winter Storm OBS

    Sleet for the last 15 minutes in Rolesville, power flickered twice.
  4. GrimReap3r

    Wed Feb 18th Convective Snow Shower Chances

    THUNDERSNOW near Rolesville about 90 seconds ago!
  5. GrimReap3r

    February 16th - February 17th Snow/Ice Storm OBS

    Mostly ZR with some small pellets in Rolesville now
  6. GrimReap3r

    The Big One - Observation

    Northeast Raleigh on south side of Rolesville and im getting rain now