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  1. Sorry. I don’t know how to rotate the picture. Great wintery scene, even upside down. (NW Culpeper)
  2. Almost 4 inches in NW Culpeper. Roads were treacherous getting home.
  3. Moderate snow. Deck and grass starting to cave. 33 degrees NW Culpeper County
  4. Pouring snow in NW Culpeper. Deck and driveway caved immediately. 30/29
  5. Moderate snow in NW Culpeper. Just measured 2 inches.
  6. 24" in NW Culpeper. Been in a dry slot for the past hour. Any chance the stuff to my north rotates through?
  7. Insane rates. 19 inches so far. 24 mph with 33 peak winds. Temp 22. NW Culpeper.
  8. 17 inches in NW Culpeper. Ripping snow. Wind 17mph and peak of 28. Temp.22
  9. Awesome outside right now. 12.5 inches and snowing hard. NW Culpeper. (40 miles SW of DC) Is the storm about to end in my location? Radar looks like I'm on the outer edge.
  10. 9 inches in NW Culpeper. Ripping snow again after 2 hours of really fine flakes. Wind is 16mph with a peak gust of 27. Temp is 19.
  11. 8.5 inches in NW Culpeper Snow is ripping but very fine Winds 15 with Peak of 24mph.
  12. Mod/Heavy Snow 7.5" thus far. (NW Culpeper) Start time 12:15. 14mph winds. Peak of 19mph
  13. Wind and snow have really picked up the last 30 minutes. 6.5 inches (NW Culpeper)
  14. 6.5" and ripping snow in NW Culpeper. 2.5" in the last 2 hours.
  15. Snow is picking up! Over 4 inches in Rixeyville. (NW Culpeper)
  16. 3.5 inches in Rixeyville. (NW Culpeper) Moderate snow since 12:00.
  17. I have been over those yellow bands in NW Culpeper for the past hour. The rates are insane.
  18. It's been ripping snow for the past hour. Over 4 inches. The flakes have been huge at times. (NW Culpeper)
  19. Moderate snow. Really fine flakes. Driveway covered. (NW Culpeper)
  20. Been lightly snowing for the past 20 minutes. Light dusting on deck and driveway. (NW Culpeper)