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  1. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    The cold needs to go. We have fought 5 house fires in last 3 Days. The one last night a young man lost his life. It’s all cause of the cold weather, plus fire attacks are awful due to frozen hydrants, hose lines being frozen. Im a snow fan, but having snow in the mid- upper 20’s is better then nothing with wind chills in the -30 range.
  2. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    It’s so sad how true this is. Next week could be a pure example. We finally get precip, but torch.
  3. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    That diminished fast. Looks like a break now?
  4. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    This period looks total crappy. 50's
  5. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    Looks like there is 3 lines forming. Second and 3rd look to be getting stronger. Hopefully the first doesn't stabilize us.
  6. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    90 next weekend?
  7. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    I take it yesterday was our onion snow in which some like to call it. Looks like weather is going to change to spring-summer pattern.
  8. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    He also said Penn State was going to win 4 games last year. Didn't he say Feb was going to be real snowy?
  9. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    Looks like by end of the week we start moderating temps. 70 on Saturday?
  10. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    Looks like end of next week we start to warm up. Hope it gets really warm.
  11. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    BTW, Seems like the sun this time of year wins.. Its been snowing here in Eastern Westmoreland County all morning and all the roads are wet. I haven't seen one truck go down my road, but its wet. It was covered a bit this morning too.
  12. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    I thought I read that next week was suppose to start getting warmer and we could see temps near 60 by end of next week. I doubt this verifies, but track away. After yesterday, I am done until next winter. I didn't snowboard once this year.
  13. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    Roads weren't bad out this way, we got snow, but main roads were mostly wet.