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  1. 7:00 PM EDT Sat Sep 9Location: 23.4°N 80.8°WMoving: NW at 9 mphMin pressure: 932 mbMax sustained: 135 mph
  2. This is gonna be bad for the Keys. I hate to see what it will look like in 24 hours. Pressure dropping with warmer waters ahead spells BIG trouble.
  3. That would be a jog. It's moving NW.
  4. Governor Scott just got an update and said winds are up to 135mph now.
  5. Pressure now down to 934. This is one is easily back up to a Cat 4 tonight.
  6. Irma is raging again. She looks to be ramping back up on radar. I think all that ish downeast talked about her pissed her off. Cat 4 here she comes again.
  7. It confuses me because you flip flopped. 2 hours ago you said it would be a Cat 1 or TS when it hit Florida.
  8. She's firing back up. Hunker down Keys.
  9. I guess. I mean Irma is clearly moving wnw now and when she pulls away from Cuba she will explode again and this guy is talking about Cat 1 and TS. WTF?
  10. Yeah I don't understand this downeast guy. He is not paying attention to this monster.