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Dixie Alley

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First of all, I do not intend this blog to be a severe weather blog, but the weather around here lately has been boring.

The term "Dixie Alley" gets tossed around a lot this time of year and it is never really defined beyond that. For those that aren't aware/aren't severe weather junkies, I just to briefly define it. "Dixie Alley" is essentially just a an extension of the traditional tornado alley into the Southeast and lower MS River Valley. In the late Winter and early Spring, the dynamics of the atmosphere and it's close proximity to a rich moisture source (the Gulf of Mexico) makes the area favorable for tornado outbreaks ... including strong and violent tornadoes.

Some recent outbreaks in this region that you probably remember are the Super Tuesday Outbreak (Feb 2008) and the April 2011 Outbreak.


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Well there was one in April 2010 as well (Yazoo City).

Yeah, was def 2011 I was thinking of (we got clocked good up here too ... most tornado warnings I have ever seen locally)

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