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The catalyst for a pattern change




A significant cyclogenesis event in the North Pacific will be the primary catalyst of a pattern change over the next few days.

Let's take a look at the evolution over the Pacific into western North America.

Notice our N Pac storm gets dual jet support and really goes to town over the Aleutians. Wait isn't that where a massive ridge was last week? ... or for that matter the last three months. Well that's one thing that changes. The ridging once over the Aleutians and Bering Straight retrogrades west, while the N Pac storm breaks cyclonically northward. It's really a beautiful event. Minor flat ridging over the eastern Pacific gets pumped up into the Gulf of Alaska, with an intensifying polar jet streak pushing north into the Yukon.



What happens after that? Fantastic classic anticyclonic wave breaking into British Columbia! The result is a 170kt+ northerly jet diving into the Pacific Northwest. So you know the trough and all that energy bottled up over Alaska and the Gulf? Well a lot of that comes pouring southeast on the wings of this jet into the northern Rockies



So that's the atmosphere's plans for Saturday.



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Nice post. The wave break is a thing of beauty, something we haven't seen in AK in a solid 2 months. Blizzard watches/warnings for much of south central AK and the Aleutians/Akpen.

On a side note, this storm has one of the most elongated frontal bands I have ever seen, stretching from the eastern ALeutians to just off the coast of W North America.
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