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My love and interest in weather has always existed in me. Being a teenager my interest was only truly brought to the forefront less than three years ago during the February 2015 North American Cold Wave. To be exact it was the President's Day Snowstorm of 2015. I remember Sunday, February 15, vividly with anticipation as winter storm "Octavia" termed by the weather channel was on the march east. The snow on radar at one point spanned from Denver, Colorado to Roanoke, Virginia. That night and the next morning I binge watched the weather channel. During that night in fact as I was browsing I happened upon a forum called American Weather. The storm arrived Monday and the school had closed in advance of the storm due to President's Day. Around 10:30 A.M. the flakes started falling and they did not stop until late in the night. On Tuesday I awoke to a winter wonderland with just over a foot of snow on the ground. School remained closed for the rest of the month and multiple winter storms accompanied by arctic cold would follow in it's wake leaving a snow pack on the ground well into March. From there each year onward my interest in weather increased. Surprisingly I  would remain a lurker on this site until this year. 


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