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Mid-Atlantic Snow forecast For December 26-27 (Only/Final)




Forecast confidence is low as most of the snow falls at the front end of the system before many areas switch over to mixed precipitation and/or rain. Very small changes in temperature at various levels of the atmosphere could lead to significantly different snowfall totals, especially east of the mountains. The northwestern parts of the forecast region could/should stay all snow throughout the event, which roughly matches up with the 8-12+ inch area along and west of the mountains.


There will be some lingering snow in the central Appalachians at the end of the event as cold, northwesterly flow takes over.



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[quote name='anthonyweather' timestamp='1356456487']
4-8" in eastern pa, you also agree that it will be more frozen than not?

Hard to tell... it'll be a good front-end thump for sure but I don't know how much QPF could come in as rain later on.
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