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Connecticut Snowfall Totals: Feb. 14-15, 2015




blog-0251565001424146969.pngHere is a snowfall map using reports from various sources. Many of the reports came from this forum and the National Weather Service. Only social media reports that passed through quality control were considered. All reports gathered were carefully considered and compared before being included.

As low pressure moved east from the Great Lakes, some modest warm advection light snow developed around Connecticut during the morning and afternoon on February 14th. The snow was intermittent and amounts were generally less than two inches during the daylight hours.

The storm system rapidly intensified east of New England overnight and some bands of moderate to heavy snow rotated through eastern Connecticut. The snow tapered off on Sunday, during the morning in most areas, but not until early afternoon near the Rhode Island border.

Snowfall totals ranged from less than two inches across far western and southwestern Connecticut, to four to eight inches across most eastern portions of the state. A few totals up to nine inches were reported, across the hills of Tolland County and across southeastern Windham County.




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