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Question about college meteorology programs


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I am currently a high school senior interested in meteorology and hoping to get a bachelor's in it and enter into the industry. not many schools have a meteorology/atmospheric sciences degree, and I've been looking at a couple schools but there's very little information on if they have a good/High quality program or not. university of northern colorado in greeley has an earth sciences program with a meteorology track, and I like that school because of the location out west near the rockies, but I don't know how good their program is. I'm also looking at ohio university, they have a meteorology track with their geography program. ohio university would be good because it's in-state so much cheaper. 

but I know that there's lots of other schools that I haven't looked at, so I was wondering if anyone had any advice about the programs I mentioned or other colleges.


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I would 100% get information from the schools on their programs. Depending on whether you are getting a broad approach to meteorology or looking for something more specific (tropical, thunderstorms, winter weather, climate, etc) will help narrow down the choices. Since you are an Ohio state resident I would definitely recommend visiting the college. Email an advisor or the head of the department and they may be able to guide you in ways to set up a visit and get just a day experience in what it would be like and a tour of their facilities to know whether it is something you want to continue with or not. 

I personally went in state being that there are only 2 met programs within the state and multitude of earth science programs and while Earth sciences was an interest and with it being at many schools it was a nice option but it was meteorology that really grabbed my attention most and that is probably an important aspect to nail down, curriculum is relatively similar to whatever school you go to. Would recommend a year of community college to get some electives out of the way cheap (always make sure they transfer properly to wherever you choose) and to give yourself some time to make final decisions being that you are finishing your senior year?

I want to say I know someone who recently graduated from Ohio University and landed a job at a NWS in TX. So there is opportunity just make the most of that opportunity when you can. Hope this helps and good luck it is a tough major remember that.

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