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Problem with varying width of forum on screen

Roger Smith

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Could anyone in the know help me out with this problem? I posted a thread in the climate change section with extensive data tables (Toronto and NYC historical weather). The thread is basically a copy of something I posted on the UK weather forum "net-weather" which has a very similar graphic design to this forum. And my thread over there is fixed in width so that the tables do not wrap. 

Here, after a while the on-screen appearance of the thread got quite narrow compared to other threads that I either started or that I visit on American Weather Forum. It is basically about half as wide as it needs to be, so all the tables are now wrapped in appearance and that makes them almost unreadable or unusable. There is a link posted to net-weather so any determined reader could go there and see the tables in their proper format. 

Anyway, if there's something I can do (or undo) that would solve this problem, I would like to hear about that, or, if a moderator could get into the background of the program somewhere and force a width onto the thread, either of those might solve the problem. Alternatively if readers go there and find that they don't see the same problem, then it resolves the situation since I don't need to see the tables in their correct form to edit them. (I regularly add new information as it comes in). 

Thanks in advance. 

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