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What are some of the strangest weather phenomenon you know of? My favorite natural formation would be the roll cloud, and the strangest weather event would be ball lightning. How about everyone else? Comment below your answers!


Also has anyone else heard of the world-wide mysterious sounds? Like the world-wide hum and the mysterious trumpet sounds? Comment below if you have a theory on what it is! 

See the source image

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7 hours ago, Blue Moon said:

For me it would be heat bursts.

That's cool. I haven't heard much about that but it looks interesting now as I research it. Have you heard of the mysterious world wide sounds? Do you have any theories on what it could be?

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For me, it's the Erratic Behavior of Supercells, they can suddenly stall, change direction or speed up . . .

I once tracked a Supercell that went over Norman in 2020 (Last Year) & it was projected to die away near Pink, OK because of unfavorable environment, but it literally STALLED over Norman & dumped very heavy rain in the City because it did NOT want to die & likely shoved the instability so it can move again (I fell asleep after it stalled over Norman because it was after 9 PM . . .)

The Hobart Supercell in April was a very good example of erratic movement, it once blew up over Texas & headed NE, but when it headed for Hobart, it literally went from NE to E in just a few minutes! They seem to act like they have a mind of their own!

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