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We don't get them of significant intensity in our area (thank goodness!) but it's possible and has  happened.

The 1998 storm that hit Canada is probably the worst in somewhat recent times.  I remember seeing pictures and videos on the news.

I also worked with families that were in the middle of this and it was a life threatening and changing event they will never forget.



So naturally when talk of significant icing (> .25") comes up, I always think of those storms.

Especially at night, the flashes, the humming, cracking branches, et al.

This is probably the closest to what we experienced on Feb 04, 2014 here:

And amazingly, our power never went completely out for significant time during that event!  Lots of booms, humming, flashing.  A friend of mine was out for 12 days due to that and it took 1 1/2 days to clear out the trees on his lane so he could get out!

Anyone here have stories to share?  Please do!

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