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Clouds - 2019


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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

It has been awhile. The time change helps. Not being sick anymore helps even more. The upper sixties helped the most.


When I got to the pond. I liked the depth, the contrail remnants provided. That and there is a very, very slight partial halo and sundogs. Although those might be lost in the reduction for the site...



About as good as the color was going to get to the west once the Sun disappeared behind the clouds...



Looking to the east. I kind of went overboard with the blue in this one, But the cloud colors are real close It is what it is....


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Approaching system this evening. Probably was about two hours too early. But still had some stuff to shoot.


A nice sundog on the south side of the Sun, when I got out to the pond...



Wide angle as the Sun sank into the deeper clouds close to the horizon...



Max dynamics as far as the color went...



Here the color was fading so the blue started taking over...


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It was just a tad chilly down at the pond this evening. Truth be told it was cold as sheetrock. Still was out there to see if the sunset did anything.


What it looked like when I got out there...




Some fringe color as it got late....


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A nice evolution of the sunset tonight. Was not quite as cold either. Was able to gut it out to the very end.


What I started with when I got out there. A little sundog on the north side of the Sun...




As the Sun crept into the horizon...




Going vertical to show just how prominent the contrails were... 




The red flash was well worth the wait. Glad I was on my toes. It came and went rather rapidly...



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My love affair with post sunset colorful clouds was renewed this evening. Whoever said that central Indiana is not pretty must have some pretty dark goggles on.


Local sunset...




The beginning of the orange. Need to pan a bit more south to get all the color...




Still needed to stretch even more to the south to get every last drop...




Max color dynamics and definitely in the oooh-aaah phase....




Last vestiges and time to roll over...


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Another extremely minimal sunset as far as clouds go, But the color was there, so I made the effort. There is only four minutes between these two images.  Shows you just how quick the light fades as the Sun rounds away beneath the horizon.







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A quick evolution of the sunset for tonight.


These are the clouds I was hoping would be around for the sunset but they rolled through about one hour too soon...




Shows just how fast the dry air was winning...




About as good as the color was going to get....


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The upper low finally moved on and we had a sunset here for the first time in a number of days.


About an hour before sunset, the clearing was finally moving through...




Moved over to the right side of the pond and was shooting south as the edge moved overhead...




There were just a few cloud stragglers at local sunset...




And ending the evening with the post color looking to the east and the edge of the clouds...


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The clouds that were hanging around most of the afternoon, took a hike towards sunset.


  What it looked like when I got out to the pond...




Local sunset and the only clouds left were on the horizon so I had to go with the 100mm...




Best of the post sunset color...


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Tonight was a race with a boundary heading just south of me. Ended up being a decent color night.


Pre sunset with a nice bronze color...



Post sunset with the beginning of the red flash...




After a frantic lens change to the 16-35mm, the last of the red...


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  • 2 weeks later...

Was out at the pond, just in case, this evening.


Pre-sunset and you can see the algae bloom in the pond which was rather severe...




Post-sunset had the proper placement and type of clouds but the color never took off. The storms in Nebraska and Kansas blotted out the best light. Still the best that I got...


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Well I lost the race this time. The upper level low finally got out of the area but about an hour too soon to get any sunset color. But I did get out to the pond in time to catch a cloud or two before they evaporated in the dry air.


Looking east when I got out to the pond...




And some cloud shadows looking west...


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Went through the whole color wheel on the sunset again this evening. The first two images were with the 16-35mm. The second two with the 24-70mm.


The white, when I got out to the pond...




The yellow and the beginning of the post sunset...




The orange...




And the red...


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