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Jim Marusak

wireless mesh warnings on cell phones

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This morning, when I woke up, I saw an interesting alert show up on my Moto G5s plus (on the net10 network). The Weather Channel app, now run by IBM, said that "mesh alerts" are now active. When I read the FAQ's and such on them, I have to admit, I heard about this being possible, but didn't know it was being deployed anywhere, much less in the US. And according to their site, it wasn't supposed to be available in the US any time soon. the list of what countries are supposed to have it attm is at the bottom of their page,  https://weather.com/apps/ibm/meshnetworkalerts

as for how it works, as I understand it in brief, in order to save bandwidth in either big crowds or areas of limited bandwidth, IBM/TWC would send out the weather warning to a few random phones in a given area that has the limited bandwidth or big crowd, then those phones who get it initially would become like a relay station, looking for other phones who have the TWC app, and send it to them via wifi or other technologies instead of taking up the extra cell network bandwidth pushing out to everyone.

but the questions are: have they now decided to actually unveil this in the US as the tech is secure enough and good enough for US users? are other met companies who have weather apps going to actually unveil something similar any time soon (1weather, Accu-weather, Weatherbug/Earth Networks, The Weather Network/Pelmorex, DTN, WDT, or others)? given the data sharing regulations in the EU, could they even do it over there?

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