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December 8-9 Holiday snow event Observations

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On 12/9/2017 at 5:37 PM, Lookout said:

I took a drive this afternoon and was blown away by how much impact lake Lanier has on totals near by. In the course of a mile, I saw it go from 4 to 6 inches still on the ground to ZERO at the lake. Where I stayed at is between the chestatee river and little river...at almost the high point...so im lucky shes at where she is because in both directions there was way less. The max here was 5 inches on the ground before melting started But in less than a 5 minute drive to the west that much was still on the ground at 3pm this afternoon...so I'm guessing there was 7 to 9 at least....just an amazing difference over such a short distance. I knew it had some influence here in marginal situations but this was a bit surprising. Of course the weenie in me makes me feel like I got screwed lol..even though I'm more than happy with seeing what I got and the scenery today was gorgeous .

I would guesstimate Buford only got about 4" of snow, most of it coming Friday evening around 6:30 PM.  Being right under that rain/snow line, our temps stayed above freezing during most of the event.  It was interesting to note that various Wunderground weather stations were showing 29-30 degrees in the Alpharetta area, while Buford had 34 degrees...only about 5-6 miles, as the crow flies.

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The lakes played a bigger impact for this event b/c the water temperature was still very warm... I'd guess like 60 degree's.  Also, there was very little wind for most of the event to help stir that warm air emitting from the lake away. 

Combine that with the marginal surface temps in general... just a 1 or 2 degree bump from the warm lake water near the shore would have and did kill accumulations. 

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