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George BM

April Obs/Disco Thread

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1 hour ago, Eskimo Joe said:

IAD tied their record of 86.  DCA didn't get below 70.  Wonder if DCA sits above 70 again tonight.

Tomorrow's record high min is the lowest of the month at 66. Could make a run at that even with a rain-cooled evening.

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Numbers for the month of April-

 4.65 inches of precip fell for month vs average of 3.30, a + 1.35. The largest rainfall occurred on 24th with 0.99 inches falling. A T of snowfall was recorded on both 8 and 9, a T for the month vs average of 0.3, a -0.3. 18 days with measurable, 3 days with a T and 9 days dry. 

 High averaged was 70.1 vs climo of 66.5, a +3.6 for month. Highest temp was on last day of month with a 86.8 degree high. Average low was 45.5 vs climo of 38.4, a +7.1 for month. Lowest temp occurred on 10th with a 29.7 degree low. Average temp for month was 57.8 vs climo 52.4, a +5.4.

 Highest wind happened on 8th with a 40 mph recording.

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On 4/7/2017 at 11:00 AM, EastCoast NPZ said:

4/4:    0.04"

4/6:    0.60"

4-17:  0.36"

4/19:  0.06"

4/20:  0.06"

4/22:  0.28"

4/24: 0.38"

4/25: 0.15"

4/29: 0.04"

Month:  1.97"


Highs: +4.93F

Lows:  +5.8F


Summary:  hot as hell and dry as hell.  Miserable.



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2 hours ago, EastCoast NPZ said:


I do hope you're enjoying this weather.  Now you know how miserable it was for some of us last year.

The next time we get low 70's and sun in April and May, perhaps you'll enjoy it.

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LOL at people who think what someone thinks of weather 1) has any affect on it, or 2) matters to anyone else.


Meanwhile... another big, fat nothing-burger today.  Of course, we maxed out on the wind potential today to keep the pollen flying.  Tomorrow's 40 mph gusts should be pleasant.

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