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Meteorologist and Pro Forecaster member tags


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Every year we receive many emails and PMs from members requesting information on obtaining a meteorologist (red) and/or a pro forecaster (orange) tag to replace their "regular" member status. Having a met/forecaster tag generally allows your posts to be "heard" more and there are also some account upgrades for an additional perk.

The qualifications for obtaining one of these tags are as follows:

Meteorologist (red) tag:
A BS, MS, or PhD degree in meteorology or atmospheric science

Pro Forecaster (orange) tag:
Does not fit above criteria, but is employed as a weather forecaster at a reputable company or government agency.

We are strict with the verification in order to prevent people from lying to obtain a tag (it has happened MANY times in the past). There are a few ways for us to verify a degree for a meteorologist tag. We usually use one or more of the following:

  • - Your full name, college/university where degree was obtained, and year of graduation
  • - An electronic copy of your transcript showing degree completion at an accredited meteorology or atmospheric science program
  • - Another meteorologist on the forum being able to vouch for you
  • - A photo containing your degree and a small piece of paper with your member name on it. This allows us to associate the member account to the degree
  • - There are also other various ways for us to reach confirmation that we can use on a member by member basis.

The pro forecaster tags are often more difficult to verify. As previously mentioned, you must be employed as a weather forecaster at a reputable company or government agency. Some information we use to verify include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • - Full name, employer, position
  • - An email to us from your work email (or switch and verify your member account email here to your work email)
  • - Company website showing your name and position and/or duties
  • - Like the meteorologist tags, we can work on a member by member basis for verification

If you have a tag request or any questions, comments, or concerns please create a request ticket here. An administrator will respond to your request.



~ American Weather Staff ~

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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