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Found 6 results

  1. From the album: Spring/Summer 2015

    This supercell thunderstorm was in a transition stage. Moments earlier, the storm was displaying a prominent wall cloud, but at this stage, the structure was taking on more of a shelf cloud-like appearance. Near Payne, OH. August 23rd, 2015.
  2. Quincy

    Dropping Down

    From the album: Spring/Summer 2015

    A short-lived wall cloud drops down close to ground level with a thunderstorm near Grover Hill, OH. August 23rd, 2015.
  3. Quincy

    No Entry

    From the album: Spring/Summer 2015

    A small, rotating, quasi-wall cloud looms in the distance within this scene from an abandoned road near Grover Hill, OH. August 23rd, 2015.
  4. From the album: Spring/Summer 2015

    A thunderstorm approaches farmland of corn and wind turbines just south of Payne, OH. August 23rd, 2015.
  5. Quincy

    Ohio Shelf

    From the album: Spring/Summer 2015

    A shelf cloud associated with a strong thunderstorm hangs over a wind farm in rural northwestern Ohio. August 23rd, 2015.
  6. I took a weekend trip into Ohio a little over a week ago and though I'd share a few of the photos. While a storm chase in theory, storms remained fairly tame over Indiana/Ohio on the afternoon of August 23rd. Nonetheless, I found some neat scenes, courtesy of the northwestern Ohio countryside. Brief commentary: A pair of semi-discrete supercells fired around Fort Wayne, IN around mid-afternoon and these storms continued east into Ohio. They displayed some broad rotation, with smaller, brief areas of rotation at times. A few of the storms produced gusty winds and marginally severe hail. In these photos, an evolving wall-cloud (as the storm developed near Fort Wayne) took on more of a shelf cloud appearance in the first few photos. For a short time near Grover Hill, a more organized, albeit small and brief, rotating wall cloud developed. It dropped ominously close to the ground, before dissipating a short time later. Either way, it was a fun trip and if anyone is not familiar with the area, it is very flat with an excellent road network. Great chase territory, given a favorable atmospheric setup. The area reminded me a bit of Iowa.