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  1. I'm glad everything shut down the past two days. I had the occasional leaf fall, a misty shower or two. Forecast this morning was for 40+mph gusts. I think we maxed out at 10mph, but for the most part there was barely enough wind to make the leaves move. I'm in New Kent. I know Florence was a tough nut to crack, and it certainly showed in the forecast for my area.
  2. 2nd tornado warning for the day just popped up here in New Kent County, VA.
  3. Measured 9 inches here in New Kent just now. Pretty impressive considering the hours and hours of sleet yesterday. Went on a walk a few minutes ago. Easily the most eerie and impressive walk I've ever been on.
  4. Moderate snow falling in New Kent county east of RIC. 28F. It'll be interesting to see how things play out here.
  5. Mix of large and small flakes coming down at a fairly decent rate in New Kent. Sticking immediately to everything.
  6. Looks like snow will start falling here in New Kent within the hour, a lot earlier than I thought.
  7. Jeb + winter = fun. You bring so much humor and enthusiasm to the boards that it is almost disgusting. I don't think a single post of yours has failed to - at the very least - bring a smile to my face. More often than not, I am dying from laughter.