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  1. Links To My Autumn 2015 Photographs http://www.highknoblandform.com/2015/10/more-beauty-scenes-from-autumn-2015.html http://www.highknoblandform.com/2015/10/spectacular-autumn-color-2015-in-high.html http://www.highknoblandform.com/2015/10/october-6-2015-high-knob-massif-upper.html http://www.highknoblandform.com/2015/09/beauty-at-9th-annual-high-knob.html http://www.highknoblandform.com/2015/09/early-autumn-color-changes-in-high-knob.html From The High Knob Landform and Cumberland Mountains of Southwestern Virginia ( Photos Upper Tennessee River Basin and adjacent Upper Big Sandy River Basin )
  2. A very nice presentation.  Given this, and now 20/20 hindsight, do you have any thoughts on the suppressed Atlantic Basin tropical cyclone activity and its connection to the leading principle components of the QBO?