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  1. White oaks your fine, red oaks not quite as strongly rooted
  2. 37 degrees and thunder and lightning here near lynchburg va. Isn't it odd to have that with that low of a temperature?
  3. 32 here first frost on things off of the ground
  4. What does low level lapse rate mean?
  5. Absolutely dumping snow in Amherst va, ground is covered already
  6. Shade over 10 inches here in Amherst county
  7. Don't forget camille as far as rainfall, Virginia was lucky with this one
  8. As soon as they got in the "streak" I knew the post season was toast. No way they could go through that stress and play that good without a slump following. Oh well always next year they are due!
  9. Heavy snow squall, first snow of the season here
  10. Beginning of the end for heat, 3 seasons of good weather to look forward to after misery of summer
  11. Bump, need something to read hope and dream about in this miserable weather
  12. Hopefully if this happens central virginia can cash in this time instead of being dryslotted!
  13. Crap storm for central virginia also dry slot set up after the front end thump and never gave in 10 inches tops here
  14. Amherst got dry slotted bad 10 inches total and almost all of that came in the front end after that snowed to the north the east and the west of us for the rest of the storm and had nothing but wind here unbelievably disappointing storm for me. If anybody could explain what went wrong I would appreciate it
  15. Has the storm moved to far east for amherst county to get in on the 20 inch parts of the storm?
  16. Yeah was hoping some more of the knowledgeable people on here would shed more light for central va. I'm thinking that the gfs is further north with the large snow amounts and the euro is further south with the really crazy snow amounts? If so I'm glad the euro is on our side at the moment!
  17. Out of curiosity what causes the dry slot that normally happens on the east side of the apps when storms are moving west to east?
  18. Best post of the season RDM, bottoms up to disappointment in the MA!