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  1. Is that an industrial area the Alexandria storm is approaching right now? That would be bad.
  2. Hopefully the cell SW of Alexandria will cycle, looks like it's trying to, but Google earth shows the areas just north of Alexandria are fairly well populated and this looks to go right over them in about 30 minutes or so.
  3. Chopper cam picked up the tornado briefly. It was huge.
  4. cc drop very evident. Chopper cam picking up power flashes. Eudora, KS pop 6,100.
  5. Upgrade for hailers, kept the 10% hatched for tornadoes.
  6. Waynesville and Ft. Leonard Wood in the path. That cell is very ominous looking. Would be shocked if something is not on the ground.
  7. guy on KRCG just said 'catastrophic damage' in Jefferson City. Taken with grain of salt....for now.
  8. Any ground truth tornado reports from Jefferson City proper? SRV out of KLSX really ticked up as it passed
  9. Whatever was down, and it appears it was down, went right through the middle of Jefferson City. Wish they had adjusted that initial polygon further north sooner....hope folks weren't caught off guard.
  10. Lots of neighborhoods in that area. Interesting this is the first update that included Jefferson City in the warning. Not sure why that was the case.
  11. Best view out of St Louis radar for now. That cc drop was huge.
  12. Reflectivity intensifying as the storm approaches Jefferson City. KEAX showing some pretty good velocity sigs as well...
  13. Cole Co. MO storm riding the north side of the polygon....may go directly into Jefferson City. So hard to tell from SRV what's really going on.
  14. If one had to sum up the 2018 severe weather season so far they couldn’t do any better than this mornings 13z tornado probs outlook.
  15. You are correct. I should have stated Key West radar is a bad source.
  16. It has been stated several times in this thread already that radar is not the correct source to determine eyewall structure. Heavy rain will attenuate the radar. Looks intact on sat.- for now.
  17. Satellite and water vapor images from the past hour are the best presentations of the day....still don't see a full banding around the eye yet, but she's trying.
  18. I'm using the NHC satellite page but their most recent image is 3:15 so maybe you're correct, but as of their latest image the SW flank was the most robust part of the eye. Also, a loop of the Key West radar shows the 'weakening' coinciding with the arrival of an intense rain band. Could be wrong....
  19. That is most likely an illusion caused by the precip falling on top of KBYX