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  1. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Definitely worth watching, just need the flow juuuust barely out of the SW to get overrunning, a little too much we rain, a little too NW we are dry.
  2. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Euro has a better storm, but scoots our NE high out so only gives snow to further west areas, missing the Carolinas
  3. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    12 Z looks better with 1047 high in SE Canada and low pressure moving across south Texas. Verbatim a really nice look but it could be the Euro trolling us again
  4. The snow, sleet, and freezing rain oh my Dec 27-30 thread

    Personally, I don't want closer to the coast. We haven't seen anything here since 2014. Closer to the coast means we get rain. I think central and eastern N.C. needs the low stronger, this will bring it further north but bring in more precip, we should still be cold enough for snow given the high placement
  5. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    Expect something big on the Euro, GFS showing its northern stream dominance at this point causing the suppression. Cold and dry, however, is probably our biggest worry with this type set up.
  6. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    Nice find pack! If anyone can find a good example of how we can get screwed, you da man!
  7. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    Something I am wondering about as well, especially here in the Piedmont sleet capital. Almost always Miller Bs transfer the coastal low way too far north so we either dry slot here or stay all ice or transfer to rain. This upcoming setup is a little out of the ordinary as far as the high pressure strength, so if we can get a transfer say, SE of Charleston I would think we may see a lot more snow. Of course, if it is that south it may be a pure Miller A which would be great as well.
  8. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    LOl Mack is getting his Jan88 redux on the GFS tonight!
  9. 2017 Banter Thread #1

    Oof, that one hurt. Remember leaving my friend’s house in Charlotte early that evening to get back to Raleigh before the snowpocalypse was supposed to happen. I would look out the car window repeatedly to look for the incoming cloud cover, only to see a star filled sky the entire night.
  10. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    To me it looks like if anyone outside of the mountains in the SE want a good storm, we do need to pull for a late phase. No model shows a strong high to our north, so we will need a dynamic storm with high rates to overcome a warm surface. A southerly overrunning won't cut it here.
  11. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    I'm not giving up on it CR, I see intriguing potential with this, guess I'm trying to jinx it. Slow down the storm on the Euro and oh boy. One of those all or nothing storms.
  12. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    While the Euro bombs out a hurricane in the Atlantic, but is too far north and phases a little late for us. Looking more like one of those situations again that just can't trend better for us.
  13. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    Don't know if I've ever seen a ridge/height anomaly from Mexico all the way to Greenland as portrayed on the EPS. Lol
  14. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    Euro with at least a colder looking run last night
  15. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    With so little consistency hard to get down or excited. Not happy with the recent models weakening our west coast ridge, Euro really strengthens a low into pacific NW that really screws up any chances of a storm. Until the major PAC players get sorted out, models will be all over the place.