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  1. Sitting in Lockney hoping one of these storms slightly ahead of the main line goes because it seems to be the best chance to not have to deal with anything rain-wrapped. We’ll see.
  2. This is gonna be one hell of a rain producer, especially south of NW 63rd or so.
  3. Are we still expecting a death ridge and consistent 90-degree temps in Oklahoma shortly after Memorial Day, or have the recent long-range models started to look better in that regard? Because if they haven't, we're really down to banking on an extremely active May to make up for the horrendous start to this season. It would be one thing if we were missing out on severe weather but at least getting a decent amount of garden-variety activity to make up for it, but in the last six months, I've had a grand total of four thunderstorm days (10/21, 12/19, 2/20, 2/24). It's really just sad at this point...
  4. Wondering if this is going to be like last Friday, where eventually all of these cells merge into a forward-propagating MCS that smokes the Metro. Only this time, it would be a couple hours before sunrise rather than a couple hours after.
  5. Last few runs of the HRRR have been pretty consistent. RIP my sleep schedule.
  6. The final round of storms tonight featured a nice hail storm at 10:10 p.m. or so. Max hail size looked to top out around quarters, with perhaps a few half-dollars mixed in. All in all, a very nice thunderstorm day.
  7. Just a lot of heavy rain, frequent thunder/lightning, and a bit of pea-sized hail here in Moore tonight, but the convective evolution has been fascinating.
  8. Are we, um, 100% sure that temperatures are actually going to rise back above freezing in the OKC Metro overnight? Particularly, I'm not quite certain why Cleveland and McClain counties aren't being added back into the Freezing Rain Advisory yet...
  9. I know it's asking too much for consistent severe in Michigan, but man, unless 2016 turns around in a hurry, it'll be a long stretch of quiet seasons since 2010. 2013 was pretty good, and 2011 had a couple of high points...but otherwise, yikes.
  10. Only 4 counties in Lower Michigan have been in a watch all season. I would imagine that has to be just about a record low number for June 11th. Not sure I see that changing particularly soon, either.
  11. Have you tried uploading to Vimeo instead?
  12. Got some quarter-sized hail, perhaps a bit larger, at I-35 and Main Street in Moore with a storm that pulsed to severe levels just about right over my head and then dissipated no more than 30 minutes later. So with that in mind, not a bad storm intercept. Extremely professional videos included in the Tweet below:
  13. Leaving work at 4:30 today, which should give me a good 2 hour window for anything in NW Oklahoma before sundown