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  1. Any thoughts from the forum on the flood risk for this weekend in the Ozarks, especially given saturated soils?
  2. Yes, January 29 as i recall. It was devastating to NW AR through KY and heavily impacted a much wider swath.
  3. If the GFS maxes out right over you at this range, you probably have little to worry about, lol. Nonetheless, the GFS is giving me 2009 flashbacks.
  4. That is a pretty strong statement. Please clarify. From my armchair perspective they are pretty good at severe weather, not so much at snow. Strictly anecdotal observation.
  5. Now after this east trend, watch the Euro go way west on this run, lol. This storm from its origins as. 99L has been a forecasti g headache
  6. Serious soaker this morning in Holiday Island. Already up to 1.65" in 90 minutes, ending a long series of near misses.
  7. Scaled Instruments is a really good supplier.
  8. Thanks for all the replies. So far this year I have replaced the reed switch on the tipping bucket, and the main board in the sensor. I now have to replace the temp/humidity sensor and the remote anemometer transmitter capacitor. The Weatherlink data module stops working at random times for no apparent reason. Was hoping for a better answer than get another VP2 or keep replacing parts. Prolly will just buy the parts and move on.
  9. I have a Vantage Pro 2 (about 5 years old) and it has experienced multiple failures this year and I am tired of constantly having to repair it. I am ready to start fresh with something more reliable and I would appreciate your suggestions. I am comfortable with the features and price point of the Vantage Pro 2, although it does seem a bit dated. In other words, I want an advanced hobbyist unit in the $400-800 range. Thanks,
  10. Thanks guys, hopefully there will be some cool weather we can catch on the cam.
  11. Been wanting a to get a webcam going for a while, and finally made it happen. This is an east facing view towards the northern side of Holiday Island. A few hiccups along the way to get it going , but nothing dramatic.
  12. Glad it worked out for some of you (especially Ouamber). I suppose we could still get some real snow, but not looking very impressive right now.
  13. Love to see some pics from those of you with snow. Here it is a dreary raw "go back to sleep" morning.
  14. Merry Christmas everyone! Watching the Ozark's weather from back home in soggy S. Jersey. Concerned about the flood potential over the weekend for Arkansas.
  15. Great video! Love the "dance" of the vortices.
  16. Yes it was amazing! And gusfront how nice of you to remind me of the benefits to bailing out on the "grinding" domestic scene. None of that crap this year!!!
  17. This is the link for the latest data, you can adjust for the date, time and section of the country at the top of the window. This is a NOAA site.
  18. I simply can't bear to look at too many pictures or read too many stories at a time. Now if it is sickening for some of us not even there, I can't imagine the trauma for those who live there and are going through it. The mental health repercussions going forward have got to be off the charts. Probably PTSD rates similar to war survivors. On another note, in terms of making a donation, I notice on the City of Joplin Facebook page they suggested donations be sent to the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. I imagine there is a good reason they were suggested, but before I made the donation, I wanted to double check or hear other ideas from people in the area. (If they were listed earlier in the thread, I apologize).