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  1. Everything is possible. Louisville had freezing rain the other day with ground temps around 17.
  2. I think the last NW shift was a glitch, because it came back SE on the next run. It's expected to start in 5 hours. We are really entering the nowcast portion of the event. Time to start watching the pressure falls and where things establish and move.
  3. Our truly exciting weather events are few and far between... But there is a lot of beer here...
  4. I have a huge problem with this. We won't get weather models and a ton of other stuff. This forum would cease to exist and Skywarn as a function would also cease to exist as well. Want to know when the tornado is coming, look up. People with their big mouths don't actually understand the cascading effects of such a drastic change.
  5. I think this is our jackpot storm. Yes, we are normally lacking in solid snowfall events. It's tough for us to get more than 3-4" at any point. I just hope the end of this week doesn't bring a crippling ice storm.
  6. ILN Warning for here says 5-8, but the ILN graphic says 6-9... You would think those should agree with each other.
  7. Is that Northern IN or fringe of ILN CWA? I know the criteria is different the further North you go.
  8. For my area, most of the recent ones. I really has been spot on since the cold and the snow hit here.
  9. Because it has performed better recently.
  10. I think its close to that. The first 2/3rds of our winter was awful. Glad we are gaining some back.
  11. NKY at the airport got to 9.something due to mesoscale banding. I got 5 at my house, in NW Hamilton County.
  12. GFS has been better for us with last few storms. Euro has been folding to GFS in the end.
  13. It’s been 10 years since we have seen a double digit snowfall. It will likely be another 10 before we see another one. I hope this happens as modeled. I am just happy the last part of winter this season has been this good.
  14. There’s a bug in the national map that is causing some issues. Last time it looked like ILN had dropped theirs and they had not.
  15. That’s a rarity down there. Someone posted elsewhere that his wife has only seen snow 3 times in her life.
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