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  1. CaseyWXwatcher

    Storm Banter & Complaint Thread, Jan 22-23

    Radar looks F'ing amazing!
  2. This looks like a classic WNC snowstorm, close enough track of the LP and upper low to maximize QPF. Could be a record breaker in some areas
  3. CaseyWXwatcher

    Jan 22-23 East Coast Storm Discussion

    12z GEFS and 00z EPS both indicate the possibility of an historic storm, snowfall amounts are just incredible from WNC up into the mid Atlantic. Most storms this fall and winter have over performed in terms of modeled QPF as well. Will be interesting to see how that turns out with this storm. Strong Nino suppression climo ftw? Whoever gets ZR from this storm will be in for a long week or two.
  4. CaseyWXwatcher

    2/25 event venting/whining/whatever thread

    Gonna chase this, somewhere in north CLT looks to be the most convenient location, but still capable of producing big total in that area
  5. CaseyWXwatcher

    Feb 25-26 Discussion/pbp

    If the short range model QPF numbers verify this will be one of the most significant snowstorms in my lifetime just due to the area of big snowfall totals! Unbelievable trends today!
  6. CaseyWXwatcher

    February 16th - February 17th Snow/Ice Storm OBS

    Flurries in Lenoir
  7. CaseyWXwatcher

    Feb 16th/17th/18th Winter Wx

    The way the gfs depicts this storm it would be a big hit for the northern foothills, but the nam seems to be hinting at lee side down sloping. I think we need to root for the consolidated SLP idea of the gfs/ukie
  8. CaseyWXwatcher

    December Banter

    Many Nino winters have slow starts, think mid Jan. to mid Feb will be good for snow, think the wall to wall cold analogs are out obviously.
  9. CaseyWXwatcher

    December Banter

    how did it look for HKY? Too far west for good QPF?
  10. CaseyWXwatcher

    Wintry/Severe/Normal Storm threat 12/19-21

    so zr instead of snow that clown map shows?
  11. CaseyWXwatcher

    The Official 2014 Fall Discussion Thread

    Looks like 850's and surface temps are below freezing just northwest of CLT back into the mtns.
  12. CaseyWXwatcher

    The Official 2014 Fall Discussion Thread

    Wonder how early a CAD event has produced 0.25+ of ZR in the SE. Mid Nov. is very early
  13. CaseyWXwatcher

    The Official 2014 Fall Discussion Thread

    Just glanced at the 00z euro ensembles and they have below avg 850's across the eastern 2/3 of the country all the way through the run. The control run looks very cold at the end of it's run with big aleutian low and ridge on the west coast that extends poleward. 850 temp departures on the control run were near -20 way out in lala land
  14. CaseyWXwatcher

    The Official 2014 Fall Discussion Thread

    It's running right now, just waiting for it to get later in to the run.