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  1. Just now, Always in Zugzwang said:


    I'm afraid if I drank a full capacity hurricane right now, I'd be a serious tropical depression by midnight and all day tomorrow as my own eye(wall) collapses, hahaha!!!  I do have a couple of Pat O'Brien's hurricane glasses from years ago, still!

    I'd be curious what an "extra-tropical cyclone" drink would involve!!!

    Settling for some wine tonight...

    I am thinking you replace tropical rum with some mid latitude vodka, maybe continental grain alcohol…but keep the passion fruit because it still has some tropical characteristics.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, vastateofmind said:

    Not cocktails -- not yet anyway! -- but Mrs. VAStOfMd made a Wegmans run and picked up some Southern Tier Warlock and Pumking beers for the weekend. Our absolutely TOP favorite autumn timeframe IPAs in the whole wide world.

    Nice!  I love Southern Tier!  Mrs. GATECH has gone pumpkin spicearific…she ran to Trader Joe’s and got everything pumpkin spice…it’s a phase that shall pass in a week or so…I even found her a pumpkin spice bourbon old fashioned which I shall conjour up for her tomorrow.

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  3. So what are people drinking tonight.  I am experimenting with some new fall bourbon cocktails.  I need a signature cocktail for thanksgiving and figured this would be a good weekend to practice.  Anyone have any favorites?

  4. 1 hour ago, vastateofmind said:

    There's no other member on this board than @Scraff (well, @CAPE, too) when the power fails, and we NEED to empty out the beer fridge before it all gets warm...or, alternately, transfer it to the ice chests....  :D 

    That is a REAL pretty sat pic right there.

    So, for those who were here back then...does Ophelia fall just short of being as impactful as Isabel in 2003 in terms of rain or wind? Or not even close? I've seen a few historical charts that showed Isabel dropped 1"-3" in the metro area, but the winds (I think, or at least remember) definitely had in impact in the area.

    Isabel was an unwinding former high end cat 4 or maybe a 5, lots more kinetic energy built up than Ophelia will have.  Also, its forward speed started to really book at landfall, which I think led to a short period (8hrs) of strong winds.  Rain wasn’t an issue in the metro really, but there was terrible surge in the bay and up the Potomac.  Annapolis and Alexandria were hit hard.  The area of Belle haven and Huntington south of old town were were both severely flooded by surge.  All the bridges on the mount vernon trail were damaged or destroyed (in fact they are replacing them this year), so the seem to last 20 years.  I Iived in the fort hunt area then and now, we were without power for 5 days during Isabelle.  I don’t think Ophelia will be anywhere as impactful.

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  5. 9 minutes ago, vastateofmind said:

    I don't have IMBY rain measurement, but you're not far from me and it was easily that amount here...and yeah, it was definitely an intense storm! Sorry to hear about tomatoes and basil...some of the absolute best summertime cooking ingredients...being potentially damaged.  :( 

    So, you have been spanked several times over the past week, week and a half, and we've had that split thing going on here in the southern burbs of the District during that time. But today, MAN...it was pretty bad. One of the upshots is that the rain was pelting the southern-facing front of our house (and WTF is up with THAT?) SO hard, that I don't need to get to that front-of-the-house power washing quite as quickly now.  ;) 

    Good news, tomatoes and basil are safe!  Stood them back up, seem to be no worse for the wear!  Seems millions of years evolution have prepared them for summertime thunderstorms!  Update on total rain, 1.03”

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  6. Great job to the National Weather Service Today!  Your forecast and warnings were spot on.  My forecast from this AM called for storms between 5-6pm today, we got walloped at 5:30 on the dot.  Watches and warnings also were perfect.  Severe thunderstorm warning gave me 25 minutes of heads up to batten down the hatches and prepare.  Severe thunderstorm warning easily verified, numerous large branches and trees down in the hood.  Great work today!

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