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  1. 1 minute ago, brooklynwx99 said:

    the GFS has a pretty exotic evolution... it amplifies the trailing energy to the point that it cuts off from the flow and crushes the MA. wouldn't say that this is impossible, but I obviously want to see other models see this kind of thing

    definitely caught me off guard though. was NOT expecting to see this



    We haven’t been able to do easy or hard, maybe we can score with ‘exotic’. I mean why the fuck not!

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  2. Ugh not liking the overnight trends.  GEFS still looks good for nada though.  Still plenty of time for the models to adjust to us smoking cirrus. Not happy about it getting cold though next week, 60s delayed but not denied! Gonna be super pissed if it snows, still don’t have a snow shovel after I broke it.  

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  3. 2 minutes ago, ryanconway63 said:

    Need some reverse psychology this year.  Maybe if we start a thread for the event(s) we can bring it home

    How about threads for whenever it’s going to rain, or for sunny and warm!  My favorite is threads for cold and windy!  This could be a full time job for someone! …I am not volunteering, I have a full time job, plus I got to get the pool ready for summer, aka late February!

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  4. It’s time for a change of perspective…I am now rooting for a shut out!  Yes 0.0 in of snow, F it I don’t even want a trace.  It would be historic, maybe once in a lifetime, and the GFS runs are money.  Happy hour GFS run is awesome today!  Just need to work on that track for next Tuesday and we will get nothing!  After that hopefully everything cuts to Bismarck, ND!

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  5. 1 minute ago, jayyy said:

    Yeah, I’ve heard of “atmospheric memory”, but when the setups are entirely different at 500mb, there’s no “memory” to tap from. I’ve experienced 60 and rain to 25-30F and snow within days of each other numerous times in my life. Ive seen rain in January and snow in April. If atmospheric memory is legit, how did that happen? Did the atmosphere develop temporary amnesia?

    If atmospheric memory was legit, we’d see one weather type or pattern all season long. It’s pretty much nonsense, as any reasonable analysis of our weather over the years would tell you.


    So far so good, I haven’t seen any snow, obviously the atmosphere is remembering to not give us snow….I am being sarcastic, btw.  

  6. 6 minutes ago, jayyy said:

    Because how December turned out has any bearing on how late January will turn out? Not saying it will come to fruition, but December is irrelevant as to whether or not it does. If that were the case we’d exclusively see either see wall to wall snowfest winters or 0” winters. Both of which rarely occur historically.

    Um, ever hear of atmospheric memory.  Sure, The we are do index is high, but so is the we are F’d index.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, stormtracker said:

    I'm going to personally get us these storms or storm by sheer fucking will.  

    This forum is an apocalyptic husk:  fights, ruins, fires everywhere.  Despair so wide even the Cowboy's kicker could put a football through it.   These are dangerous and heady times folks.   I am here for all of us and remember...

    I will always love you.  Let's do this.

    You just jinxed it with the cowboy kicker reference.  The goal post could be as wide as the universe and he would miss it!  

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