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  1. I remember the local news mets (Bob Ryan in DC) used to show a "real-time" radar view that had a line sweeping around a circle with the radar image updating as the line passed. How was that different from what we see on radar views today? Whatever happened to that kind of radar and why is that style of "streaming" radar not available on GRLevel3 or the various apps and websites which update the full image at discreet intervals? IS that old style of radar updating available and if so, where? Thanks!
  2. Looks like all the runs South of the mean strengthened more quickly, turning the storm left
  3. This livestream is showing a good amount of debris and trees down in Wilmington https://livestormchasing.com/stream/charles.peek Edit: this is the guy who shot the video of the roof in the post above...
  4. Live cam from the pier at Bogue Inlet, Emerald Isle NC. Feed has been a little spotty so don't be surprised if it craps out http://www.ebmcdn.net/webcast/flash/bogue-inlet/live-iframe.html
  5. Sobering and very clarifying demonstration of what storm surge from 3ft up to 9ft actually looks like on the ground. Share with folks out there who aren't taking this seriously.
  6. Simulated radar from the Euro run as Irma slides along Cuba
  7. The last 16 GFS runs - a steady trend westward:
  8. Reports now that there may be no way to prevent explosion at Arkema chemical plant in Crosby, TX
  9. Addicks gauge flat lined at 108.85 for the last 90 minutes https://www.harriscountyfws.org/GageDetail/Index/2110?view=full Is it broken?
  10. Back to Harvey. Interesting thread here - just one guy so take with a grain of salt, but interesting. Per twitter he is an energy industry/finance person. His estimate: he guesses 400,000-500,000 homes flooded. "Katrina-level bad" "Worse than on TV" And he's already trying to secure rebuilding supplies for friends/neighbors in anticipation of massive shortages for rebuilding efforts.
  11. Now 108.61 https://www.harriscountyfws.org/GageDetail/Index/2110?R=1
  12. ABC saying Cedar Bayou in Baytown at 12 feet above the banks and 5 feet above the record set (likely thanks to storm surge) in Ike
  13. I'm no insurance expert, but two things to think about when considering the cost of this event to insurance companies: 1. The vast bulk of damage from this event will be due to flooding. Many, many people who should have flood insurance do not. And flood insurance is government-subsidized, with insurance companies primarily acting as intermediaries for the National Flood Insurance Program. So insurance company exposure may be limited there? 2. I'm just speculating here, but I think there is an expectation now after the largest natural disasters that the government will come in and provide all sorts of monetary assistance for rebuilding etc. I think insurance companies recognize this and tacitly push affected people to seek out the government resources. (In effect, what we have is a taxpayer funded national natural disaster insurance plan, but that's probably a discussion for another time.)