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  1. 2 hours ago, Hoosier said:

    Italy's deaths were down from yesterday's update, but still not far from 700.  They are going through a really rough stretch to try to get to the other side of the curve.

    In Italy, 85.6 percent of those who have died were over 70, according to the National Institute of Health's (ISS) latest report. 

    With 23 percent of Italians over 65 years old, the Mediterannean country has the second-oldest population in the world after Japan - and observers believe age distribution could also have played a role in raising the fatality rate.



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  2. On 2/24/2020 at 9:16 AM, michsnowfreak said:

    Not sure if this has ever been posted, but check out this amazing link. Really shows you that haves and have nots of every Winter since 1950. Also shows you how crappy winters were in the 1950s, how great they were the 2nd half of the 1970s, and how unprecedented 2014 and 15 were.  You can slow it down using the speed button on YouTube.


    You can really see how impressive the depth, longevity and widespread the snow cover was in 79.  

  3. 58 minutes ago, michsnowfreak said:

    I disagree. A running curve of winter temps at Detroit have remained stagnant since 1930 (other seasons have showed some degree of warming) and snowfall has increased....substantially. Avg snowfall 2008-18 at Detroit was 54", over a foot over longterm norm. But only time will tell so lets not get OT. 



    When you look at the top 30 and bottom 30 total  seasonal snowfall for Chicago, 7 of the snowiest seasons occurred during the 2000s and 3 from the 2000s were the least snowiest.   

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  4. 8 hours ago, Hoosier said:

    I was curious what downtown Chicago looks like.  Webcams from there show mainly wet roads, certainly a big difference compared to outside the core of the city.

    Main roads were wet all day.

    Secondary roads were slushy.

    Snow didn’t stop the boat tours. Haha.



  5. 58 minutes ago, Hoosier said:

    Does anybody know where to find maps of snow depth for individual dates?  I am trying to see what the snow depths were like across the region during the other notorious arctic outbreaks.  That would be more convenient than looking up a bunch of cities.

    Snow cover during the 2014 outbreak.   




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  6. 8 hours ago, Chicago WX said:

    Measured 5.0" for a total here. Killer last couple of hours did the trick. Hope to get lucky tonight with another inch or two. Days and days and days of snow...

    You see the official measurement for Kankakee was only 3"?  Lol.  Horrible. 

    I was around 4.5"

  7. Tried driving to Lansing Michigan last night on 94 but Lake Effect band was following us, lol.  

    Traffic was going 5 mph,  nightmare. We finally pulled over in Paw Paw and slept for a few hours before heading out this morning.  Had to be the hardest I've seen it snow.  




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