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  1. 17 minutes ago, Hoosier said:

    Yeah LOT confirmed it in a preliminary survey at about 8 am.  No rating yet though. 

    This tornado was before 12z, so the valid outlook at the time didn't even have a 2% tornado area.  A reminder that tornadoes can still occur.

    Ahh. Missed that.  Thanks.  

  2. 14 minutes ago, CheeselandSkies said:

    Seriously? Same area I was just in yesterday on the storm I left about an hour before it produced the Beloit tornado (post right above yours). The amount of trolling the atmosphere gives me is ridiculous.

    Doesn't appear a warning was ever issued on this.

    Hahaha.  Yes.  Guess the sirens went off locally. NWS issued a SWS for land spouts right after.  

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