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    Independence, IA
  1. May 15-20th Severe Weather Event

    I live 10 miles due east of Jesup. Giddy up . . .
  2. March 15/16 Severe Wx

    TOG confirmed near Andover. Very strong couplet.
  3. March 15/16 Severe Wx

    Very strong rotation in Clinton County IA west of Clinton.
  4. March 15/16 Severe Wx

    Good coverage here. Damage reports coming in. Power flashes reported. http://wqad.com/2016/03/15/watch-as-stormtrack-8-follows-the-severe-storm-threat/
  5. March 15/16 Severe Wx

    TOG in Quad Cities Metro - 80/88 intersection per feed from WQAD.
  6. GHD III Winter Storm February 1st-3rd (Part 2)

    Watch it. I told my students we probably wouldn't have school today. Thundersnow here. At least four flashes of lightning. Very heavy snow. Temp right at 32.
  7. GHD III Winter Storm February 1st-3rd (Part 2)

    I'm 20 mi E of Waterloo. 10 mi from the Blizzard Watch. Looks good for a big snow here.
  8. December 25-29th Storm Disco Part 2

    Verified report of thundersnow in Walker, IA - 15 mi south of me, 20 mi north of CR.
  9. December 25-29th Storm Disco Part 2

    Snow like mad right now - huge flakes! 5 inches sleet/snow combined - probably (best guess 3.5 snow/1.5 sleet). Roads are atrocious - took a 2 block trip to pick up a pizza and it was extremely slick.
  10. December 25-29th Storm Disco

    Just drove from Lake Geneva, WI to Independence, IA. Left about 6:45am - got home around 11:00. Perfect weather would be a 3 1/2 hour trip, so a little delayec but not terrible. Hit sleet/pellets in Beloit about 7:15, then alternated between light snow, sleet, and freezing junk until past Dubuque. Mostly snow the rest of the way. Roads not really bad until the last 30 miles. Snow w/mixed sleet here - appears to be at least 3 inches.
  11. November 20-21 Early Season Snowstorm Part 2

    8.5" here as of 9pm - still snowing moderately.
  12. November 20-21 Early Season Snowstorm Part 2

    Snow pretty much stuck on grass from the start. Roads were wet until the heavy stuff started, and then things deteriorated quickly. Good thing there is little wind or the northern part of Iowa would be shut down.
  13. November 20-21 Early Season Snowstorm Part 2

    Started snowing here about noon. Been ripping down for the last three hours. Pretty close to 5 inches. This would be impressive in January, much less November. Roads are pretty awful to say the least. Good luck to all!
  14. November 11th-12th storm system

    Albia population 3795. Hope it misses west.
  15. 1/5-1/6 clipper system

    Pouring medium sized flakes here. Started w/pixie dust about 3 pm - appears to be about 1 to 1 1/2 inches already.