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  1. Keep in mind that the St. Croix livestream is in Christiansted, which is on the north side of the island and more centrally located. The worst of the storm will likely be the west end of the island, near Fredericksted.
  2. I have seen some snow mixing in here in Norfolk in the past 20 minutes during moderate rain.
  3. Coolwx precip forecast from 12Z GFS at ORF has .986" freezing rain....I sure hope that doesn't verify.
  4. The 12Z GFS looks nice for HR (5-7ish), but I'm not sure I believe it. I'm thinking a mixed bag with very little sticking...
  5. Yes, probably 70/30 snow at the moment
  6. Fantastic band about to come through VB!
  7. Good news is the NAM bullseye seems to have moved back south just a hair
  8. As far as snow bullseyes go, it looks like the following to me: NAM, Euro, and to a lesser extent Hi-res NAM favor Peninsula to Williamsburg over southside GFS, RGEM, CMC, HRRR, RAP seem to favor southside or more equally distribute snow
  9. ORF down to 37/18, another 2 degree drop in the last hour.
  10. ORF at 39/18 at 3:50, down 2 degrees in last hour.
  11. mixing concerns? The high-res NAM doesn't seem as worried about mixing
  12. Looked like it might be some mixing issue on the southside, but no question the QPF went through the roof.
  13. 12Z GFS is a surprisingly big hit for HR too...a bit warmer, but now appears to show 6-10"
  14. It is half the NAM totals, but it too has been awfully consistent with its bullseye on Hampton Roads.
  15. What do the latest runs of RGEM show? Not sure I've seen anything since 18Z run yesterday