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  1. Both the Euro and GFS showing something rolling in Wed Thurs time frame of next week (2/27 -2/28)
  2. There are some very light returns showing up in SW Oklahoma.
  3. Heavy drizzle falling in Okc right now.
  4. Loooks as there are some returns trying to get going once again in the SW.
  5. A few flakes. Mostly sleet and freezing rain.
  6. Western Oklahoma out by Elk City has gotten some good snow.
  7. Raining in Moore right now. Nothing looks to be freezing this was about 30 mins ago. Has changed over to some light sleet at 1:08
  8. Heavier preceip is crossing the Oklahoma/Texas line right now
  9. Latest Nam has OKc metro with near 5 inches and Northern Oklahoma with 6 to 8 inches of snow
  10. Schools in the OKc metro area are starting to close for Tues.
  11. Latest run of the Nam has very little falling.
  12. Yeap and Jonathan Conder from KOCO