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  1. GFS right now is hinting at a system around the 20th 21st time period
  2. Without going outside and there has been some melt I can agree I have gotten 4 to 6 here just North of Moore.
  3. Watching radar returns from Fredrick and Dyess Okc will be very close to the heavy snow. Dyess is showing thunder and lighting heading into Lawton and the system has a NNE movement, at least from my perspective.
  4. You know this system has been a pain in the a**. Morgan said these models have been like herding cats on the ten o'clock newscast.
  5. Snow line is getting ready to hit SW Oklahoma at Childress. Looks like Lawton will have some thunder snow.
  6. That line is crazy how close okc is to having a decent snow to shutting down. The line looks like comes right over my house.
  7. Hrrr did not have as much sleet on this run. What it did have was pushed down to the SE.
  8. Hrrr is two degrees warmer than Tulsa is at this time and it is right on with Okc.
  9. I tried to pull it off the mesonet site and it gave me this. I deleted the post. I was hoping i would get it off before someone saw it. My fault. I have no idea what this is.
  10. HRRR had a big sleet storm for just south of the OKc meto area as the system starts to move in.
  11. Canadian picking something up on the 12th. GFS had it there a couple of days ago.
  12. HRRR 12z run is pretty impressive for much of SW Oklahoma.