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  1. I did see something earlier this morning in regards to an advisory in that area. Liberal, Ks. has picked up near 15 inches of snow from reports.
  2. We are two degrees colder in Okc than what models are showing.
  3. NW Oklahoma is getting blasted with snow this morning.
  4. Just looked at all three long range and they all have this region pretty quiet in regards to winter weather at this time. Gfs went all the way to the 1st of Feb.
  5. Okc had some moderate snow around `1230 Wed morning. It was coming down. However, everything warmed up and turned back to all rain. there is still some white on the ground but disappearing fast.
  6. Okc got a backdoor cold front this evening. I know models have a hard time picking up on those.
  7. Nam is holding on strong but looks like by other models we might see a flake between all of us.
  8. Canadian hinting at two systems in the region next week.