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  1. lokee

    April 17-18 Severe Weather

    Weather Service lin Norman putting up a balloon at 3pm 4 /17
  2. lokee

    April 17-18 Severe Weather

    One of the storms has already gone severe.
  3. lokee

    April 17-18 Severe Weather

    The Okc weather guys have started throwing each other under the bus big time. I am afraid if nothing happens all of them will end up busting a gut.
  4. It could be a big mess Sat depending on temps
  5. More drizzle forming out west of Okc. This was the area that was hit hard this morning with the freezing drizzle appox. 3 hours from drive time home as well and most of the Okc metro are in the lower 20's for air temp.
  6. Okc metro ranges from low 20's in the Western part of the metro to mid 20's in the East metro and upper 20's in the South metro.
  7. Most of the Okc metro area schools went ahead and had school today. After the rain event last Tues around here which most districts closed hedging on it getting bad I think they said lets try to get today in. Most temps in the Okc metro area are near where the forecasted high for is today and there is still light to moderate drizzle still falling.
  8. Crazy drive time in Okc right now. Multiple accidents and at least two fatalities . 14 car pile up
  9. Winter Weather Advisory from Tues 2/26 to 9am Wednesday 2/27 for Freezing Drizzle
  10. Okc was ten degrees colder on Tues (2/26) than what the projected high was supposed to have been.
  11. New Nam is running and right now it looks like parts of Okc Wed morning but be a little slick . Playing the temp game once again.
  12. Wed and Thurs morning looks interesting for areas along and north of I40 in Oklahoma
  13. The storm for next week has some healthy snow fall totals at this point on the GFSI know way to far out to think totals.
  14. Aaaron Tuttle is on the same boat as you lol