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  1. There is a guy on my FB page that is calling the TV weather guys, I do not think he knows there are guys in Norman, doing nothing more than spreading fake weather b/c of last weekend.
  2. The 14th of this month looks interesting 06 GFS. Takes a low right across okc. Temp profiles look to warm at the surface though.
  3. SW Oklahoma getting it pretty good. Not huge snowfall totals but big big snowflakes and some roads becoming snow packed.
  4. The 12z run had South side Okc getting near 6 inches of snow and points north 4.5.
  5. This was shared to me on FB from KOCO in Okc.
  6. Someone explain this loop for me Is that the amount of precipitation that falls? http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/NAMSFC4SC_0z/ploop.html
  7. David Payne in Okc said 2 -4 along I44 from SW Oklahoma toward Okc. According to him the storm has weakened and is to the South of Oklahoma.
  8. Putting that run of the HRRR the low does look to be moving to the NE into SW Oklahoma.
  9. That is what the 18Z HRRR resembles at the end of the run.
  10. How much confidence do you give the long range HRRR runs? The 18Z HRRR is showing something totally different at the end of the run than the 18Z Nam.
  11. http://ticker.mesonet.org/?fbclid=IwAR3A_fsqY3T1gVpO8E4R-aXBuOc1svb9icW231tS7Ci4WwujqPIx9XhJVjI Oklahoma Mesonet's thought process about the storm.
  12. Nam has backed off on snowfall and ice totals with with the 12Z. NW Oklahoma sees nothing