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  1. Western Cumberland around Doubling Gap/Newville around 6pm. Closing on 2” on the deck and grass. .
  2. Finished up here in Newville. Really nice rates in that last band from 11am-1230pm or so. Storm total was 4.75”
  3. Crazy snow and wind in Newville out of the gate. The way it’s blowing I don’t see how we don’t go to a blizzard warning at some point. You wouldn’t want to be out in this and that’s for damn sure. .
  4. ABC 27 just showed coating-2” west of Harrisburg and 2”-4” to the East of HBG. Seems low? .
  5. Crazy wind last night I guess! Been up 3 years and never an issue. .
  6. This is just one of those storms you can’t believe. Sitting at 14° in Newville at noon. And then in 8 to 12 hours I’m expecting to be changed over to rain unless I get into the dry slot. Just seems like it’s not possible. .
  7. Concerning with the sharp western cutoff of precipitation as modeled. I don’t think the low could track much closer to many of us and still stay frozen. Why so little once you get past maybe Altoona and west? If that track maximizes us staying frozen while still delivering little precipitation as you move west then some eastward shifts while staying colder would mean a lot less QPF for a lot of us. .
  8. Trough just a little too far east right now. Give it a week to 10 days. Then I think we’re in our best window. .
  9. Steady light snow has commenced in Newville. .
  10. I’m right up against the north mountain around Doubling Gap. We tend to hold onto the cold well here. .
  11. Over 2.5” in Newville and another small heavy band coming through now and it’s picking right back up! Over-performer! .
  12. Really coming down in Newville. I’m shocked. Everything caved and judging by the deck pic approaching an inch [emoji301]️[emoji3587] .
  13. Snow just commenced here in Newville and nice rates out of the gate is leading to laying even on the blacktop driveway. Looks beautiful even if this is going to be short-lived! .
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