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  1. I’m about 3 miles from Doubling Gap. Yolijwa is a great place. Went there as a kid too. Still all snow here no sign of sleet yet but I know it’s coming.
  2. Not a spotter but I can provide a picture to their Facebook page.
  3. 5.5” and dumping 2mi NW of Newville, far NW Cumberland
  4. I just got done driving home from Carlisle to Newville in north western Cumberland County. The rates are insane it’s a shame we don’t hold onto them before the flip for longer because these puppies would put down quite a bit of snow in a short period of time. I have 28° a couple miles north west of Newville right now which is quite a bit colder than it has been all day
  5. whiteout

    Central PA Fall 2018

    Just left work in Carlisle roads are crazy crashes everywhere. We must have 4 to 5 inches eyeballing it and my point and click for where I live in Cumberland County at the north western edge has now moved to 5 to 10 inches.
  6. whiteout

    Central PA Fall 2018

    The Euro and UKMET are typically a deadly combo when they agree. Can they really be this far off this close in? I’m in far NW Cumberland right on the other side of Perry county and most maps are telling me 2”-5” but both these models easily put me in double digits?
  7. whiteout

    Central PA - March 2018

    Pounding in Shippensburg
  8. whiteout

    Central PA - March 2018

    Did overnight and 6z models just pull the rug out from under most of us?
  9. whiteout

    Central PA - March 2018

    That is a sick mean for D5! Wowzer
  10. whiteout

    Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    Just got a WSW issued for Cumberland. 5"-8"
  11. whiteout

    Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    Outside of Newville just up the road from you. Phenomenal rates. Over 6" since 330pm
  12. whiteout

    Central PA - December 2017

    Puking snow here at work in Carlisle. Giant flakes
  13. 18z individual GEFS don't look that great even for the LSV. Some nice hits of course but this thing is slipping away south. Way more misses than we've been seeing.
  14. whiteout

    Central PA and the fringes - Spring

    Nailed at work in Carlisle, crazy wind knocked over a tree outside my window, marble sized hail and torrential rain with tons of lightning.
  15. One time let's steal that heavier stripe of precipitation from Maryland! That would be a paste job right there.