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  1. 717WeatherLover

    Spring 2018

    I enjoy this forum because for the most part there is a level of civility, unlike the MA/NY/PHILI forums. Some long time posters know each other well enough that they can laughingly take little pokes at each other and can take the ribbing. Some of us come here because we are snow lovers. We always want to be in the jackpot, always want to believe things will come together for our area, love to break record highs/lows/amounts. We look at snow and the possibility of snow with the enthusiasm of a child hoping for a day off of school. Some of us are proudly weenies. Today, maybe because we are facing the reality of the end of our snow season, the civility is missing. Can't we all play nicely?
  2. 717WeatherLover

    Central PA - March 2018

    Don't look over at the Mid Atlantic. They are jumping off the cliff over the most recent models.
  3. Thank you! I figured that they were better prepared to handle it than here in Harrisburg. Our state offices closed last Wednesday for the storm and all we got was rain. LOL!! Four inches around here and everything shuts down. Our arrival time is 11am but I am planning on heading in 7am or so. We are trying to get the scans moved to before the surgery in the morning anyway. I will enjoy sitting in the hospital watching the snow come down!
  4. I am a Central PA weather nutt looking for some advice from Bostonians here. We are driving up to Boston this afternoon for my daughter to have surgery at MGH on Tuesday and scans and infusions on Wednesday. Guess I am finally going to get to see my "big one" this winter, lol. I figure if I can get to MGH Tuesday morning it can dump all day and even if we get stuck there overnight we will be able to get everything done. My first question to the group is how well does the DOT keep the roads open during a storm? Do the T's usually run through storms? I prefer to drive in since my daughter will be recovering from anesthesia on the way home Tuesday but the Orient Heights station is not that far from the Hilton Garden Inn and we could do that in a pinch. Suggestions? Thank you my fellow weather warriors for your help!
  5. 717WeatherLover

    Central PA - March 2018

    I guess I am finally going to get my big storm, but it will be in Boston. Our drive up to Boston tomorrow afternoon will not be a problem. Getting to Mass General Tuesday from our hotel may be harder. I was hoping that the worst of the storm would be after morning commute. I don't care what happens once we get to the hospital as being snowed in there would be okay. The T station is a couple of blocks from the hotel so if the roads are bad (and the T is still running) we can get to the hospital. As long as we go with the flow, stay safe and get all of the medical stuff in, it will be a fun adventure!
  6. 717WeatherLover

    Central PA - March 2018

    I love a good snow storm better than most. But I was hoping this would be "our" storm and the Sunday/Monday storm would fizzle. I have to drive to Boston on Monday for my daughter's surgery/infusion on Tuesday. Last time I had to drive up was Jan 28th and had to deal with crappy weather/ice the whole way home on the 29th. The 6.5 hour trip took almost 9 hours because of accidents.
  7. 717WeatherLover

    Central PA - March 2018

    Graupel in Lower Paxton Township on my Costco run to get eggs (I know, I know)!
  8. 717WeatherLover

    Central PA/fringes of MD - December 2013 continued

    Radar toward DC looks like it is filling in.
  9. 717WeatherLover

    Central PA/fringes of MD - December 2013 continued

    I've seen quite a bit of banter about the precip line approaching. Won't the radar fill back in with the transfer of energy and the formation of the secondary low? The pressure falls off of North Carolina indicate that this might be happening farther south as secondary was forecast to form off of Delaware. Any thoughts on this?
  10. 717WeatherLover

    Central PA - December 2013

    There are about 11 accidents on the PA Turnpike between Harrisburg and New Jersey. Every overpass on I83 and the turnpike are solid sheets of ice. The only reason we are out is to get my mother in law who was in a 30 car accident near Morgantown. Don't travel is you don't absolutely have to. I also am worrying about my son returning to Selinsgrove to SU from Pittsburgh. Stay safe all!
  11. 717WeatherLover

    Central PA - second half of March 2013

    I am near the Colonial Park Mall but my son, who is at rubgy practice at the State Hospital also heard it.
  12. 717WeatherLover

    Central PA - second half of March 2013

    Thunder snow east of Harrisburg!
  13. 717WeatherLover

    Central PA - February 2013

    One of my other sources pointed out that the pressure from initialization is wrong with the 12Z NAM which would affect the track and precp field. I am not sure how true this is but could explain the difference.