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  1. Have you thought about Mount Washington, NH? You can actually volunteer at the summit weather station for a week at a time, even over the winter. Travel up and down by Snowcat, spend a week helping out and cooking for the crew and experiencing rime ice like you wouldn't believe, snow, cold, zero visibility, and 100+ mph winds. I did this for two winter weeks in the late 90s (yikes, has it been that long?). Unbelievable experience.
  2. Snowing, 33º, and just wet roads in Arlington at 250'. We have about 1/2" of slush on the grass. My folks in the mountains in Greene County VA had 15" early this morning (presumably more now). Some pics from there:
  3. Very light snow right now in Reston. My folks live in Greene County, in the Blue Ridge west of Stanardsville-- they've had heavy snow this morning, 5.5" so far. This pic is from them.
  4. Asteroid into the Bay happened first! Maybe the earthquake completes the 3.
  5. Just measured 6" here in north Arlington-- more than I expected from looking outside. Still coming down in buckets, and more lightning/thunder while I was outside. So beautiful!
  6. Just got back in from a walk here in Arlington. Neighborhood kids are out sledding and making snowmen. We have about 3" on the roads and they're very slick. Two big hills on 4-lane Wilson Blvd. near our house are impassable due to cars spinning their wheels and unable to make it up the hills. Two bright bolts of lightning while out walking too. Beautiful-- and I'm thankful I'm not on the road tonight.
  7. Got another confirmation on the thundersnow in the Charlottesville area from my folks, who are on the east flank of the Blue Ridge in Greene County. They said they heard a long roll of thunder while the sleet was pouring down, and the sleet now covers the ground. They haven't seen any snow there yet though.