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  1. There is a massive ecological problem. Water is very different from different parts of the country. Also, bacteria, algae, ect from long transport.
  2. Thanks man, really soild advice. I already put the dehumidifiers into hose mode and have fans going. Low dew point will help today too
  3. Yeah, I ended up doing pretty well once I was able to wall off the water, but it was insane at one point. Any tips for the mold? Luckily the dew point will be like 40 tom
  4. Guys tonight was the craziest thing I've ever seen I was ready for the the flood and I still flooded I had sandbags Pumps, dry vacume luckily I saved most of my basement but I can't imagine how other people dealt with this
  5. How are people going to get their bitcoin?
  6. What a change in strength in one run 12 hours out.
  7. Yeah, I think we are finally seeing a bit of degrading in the structure
  8. First east wobble in a while Nola better hope this isnt the direction shift early
  9. Ida still looks so impressive on IR. Maybe the best she has looked in the last few hours
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