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  1. Larger flakes starting to fall and intensity picking up. Nice little coat settling in on top of cars.
  2. Small flakes over here but starting to fall more rapidly.
  3. Flurries on the west side of Mooresville
  4. It’s certainly taking its time. Did notice the wind picking up some, at least compared to a few hours ago.
  5. 41.4 / 31.0 just down the road at Lake Norman Airpark
  6. Absolutely pouring snow, big flakes, at Big Daddy's, west of Mooresville.
  7. Seeing it also on the west side of town, near Terrell.
  8. Drove through sleet all the way to Cornelius. Moderate snow at the top of the exit 36 ramp in Mooresville.
  9. That is absolutely insane, but makes sense with the snow cover.
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