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    Short Pump, VA (15 miles NW of Richmond)
  1. Model discussion--1/5-1/8 Period of Interest

    When did the Germans get a model? Is that new for this year? How does it compare to the JMA?
  2. Model discussion--1/5-1/8 Period of Interest

    I remember the Jan Blizzard last year, during one of the AmericanWx radio shows about 36 hours before the storm. Every model except the NAM called for the storm to basically miss Southern New England and NYC except the NAM started showing that they would get hammered also and all the "experts" laughed it off saying it's the NAM being the NAM. It over amps storms. Southern New England and NYC ended up getting hammered. Not saying it is definitely right. Just don't discount it inside 48 hours. Yes, it sucks at 84 hours but IMO is a pretty good model in the short range and sometimes does a good job of catching on to something first.
  3. Model discussion--1/5-1/8 Period of Interest

    I wouldn't worry about the 18z GFS. The NAM and RGEM are both showing a strong NW trend. I'll take those two together over the GFS inside 48 hours any day. I'm in Richmond and heck I wouldn't be surprised if by tomorrow we were worrying about mixing down here and somewhere like Fredericksburg and to their NE was the bullseye. I've seen this so many times before.
  4. President's Day Storm Obs & Nowcasting

    Light snow in Short Pump now!
  5. President's Day Storm Obs & Nowcasting

    In Short Pump near Richmond nothing falling yet.
  6. President's Day Storm Obs & Nowcasting

    In Short Pump near Richmond nothing falling yet.
  7. NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    Up to 12.5 inches near Short Pump now and HRRR still calling for 3 -4 more inches for Richmond before it ends. DT's forecast is not going to bust for Richmond after all
  8. NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    Ripping snow near Ridgefield and Pump Rd almost a Blizzard. 25 - 30mph winds and .1 mile visibility right now!
  9. NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    The only place I know that has them are pay sites unfortunately. The latest 13z HRRR has more like 5 - 6 over Richmond today and the 13z RAPP has between 3 - 4...
  10. NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    HRRR is showing 9 inches for the W part of Ric and 7 for the E part today according to Weatherbell
  11. Jan 22-24 blizzard obs, tracking, nowcasting

    5.75 inches in the far NW Richmond Suburbs. Don't feel bad DT we've got sleet also now. Heck even Alleghany County has sleet. Hope the DC crowd doesn't have a changeover to sleet but seems like sleet is heading faster and further North than modeled by everything except the sh*tty NAM.
  12. No wondering qpf is light Euro's missing 18 and 24 hours. Good job Euro!
  13. Jonas if you want to believe the Weather Channel. This one should be Maximus Decimus Meridius if you've got to do something stoopid and name winter storms.
  14. NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    The 0z 13k Gfs is blowing up snow totals around Richmond this run 8 to 10 inches on the snow map. Of course some of this would be sleet but still thats ALOT of frozen qpf!