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  1. Jab Juice is poison right bro!!! And useless at that!!
  2. Lol those guys at least look fun, probably don’t go around handwringing about vaccine mandates and when they wear flip flops vs. sneakers and shorts vs jeans.
  3. Lots of playing the victim in this thread over not getting a shot….from same places as expected. Keep mandating the vaxxes for workplaces and flights and you’ll see just about everyone get one. Masks are stupid at this point.
  4. I’m convinced he’s a caricature of “cool libertarian dad in early middle age”.
  5. Exactly, we need some people to grow the hell up and get the free/very safe and effective vaccine. That’s best path forward.
  6. Lolllllllllzzzzzzz always angry.
  7. Jab juice lmfao, you’re literally turning into a whacko caricature in real time.
  8. Lol remember when you lectured us all about how people would never stop wearing masks and or going back out into society!? Seems like much ado about nothing from what I see.
  9. How is it misleading if there’s more variant cases than before? You seem kinda triggered on this.
  10. Tds is gone, looked weaker...never had PDS attached to it.
  11. Early damage reports look like widespread moderate damage, lots of tree damage and roof damage.
  12. Didn’t look to strong entering Tupelo looks like they may have been spared worst. Likely some damage though.
  13. Likely going to cause mutation spreading so quickly and out of control.
  14. You guys should come to pa...like no masks outside ever...even in Pittsburgh when I was out there a couple days ago. I’d say 1 out of 10 in masks outside.
  15. Very promising, obviously a lot can change and so many things go into a threat, but as of right now I definitely see the possibility of a higher end event...Enhanced type day.
  16. Brought receipts...nice. Everything being done at this point I see falls well within those bounds.
  17. No one is going to tell them what to do.
  18. Spoiler: they will....a lot....non stop lol.
  19. Nice! I think you’ll be good dude I felt nothing literally until second day and it was pretty mild overall. Think if you do get side effects it’d be the next day.
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