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  1. An average of 8-9" across the yard and still snowing! Amazing storm!
  2. Same here. Just absolutely ripping outside.
  3. Temp 27. Moderate to heavy snow. It's coming down in sheets. Dendrites aren't really been though, but it's piling up quick! Maybe 1.5-2"?
  4. Ground turning white around Wallburg, NC. Temp hovering just above freezing. Small YUGE flakes out there – cottonballs! EDIT: Snowflakes have to be 1" in diameter or more. Literally the biggest dendrites I've ever seen!
  5. Snowing about 10 minutes south of Winston-Salem in northern Davidson county!
  6. I am glued to the window. Nothing yet. Temps 37-38.
  7. Ugh, same. I was in Farmington, NM that Christmas to visit family. Still cannot believe I missed that storm.
  8. Exactly. I, for a time, had literally nothing falling from the sky.
  9. Very frustrating, but it would be nice if someone could explain the science behind it. Truly baffling.
  10. About one inch of snow in north Davidson county. Precip is falling so lightly that it's falling in the form of light freezing drizzle. Temp 24.
  11. Yeah, honestly, this is ridiculous. Something ALWAYS happens. We can never just have one storm that doesn't dryslot, get cut off moisture wise, underperform, etc.
  12. Brick was right. LOL. Kudos to his optimism!
  13. FWIW, RAH has changed their forecast for the Triad, and they've taken all mixing out for the majority of tomorrow. Generally 8-12"...and according to the point-and-click forecast, they're still banking on some freezing rain accums. If we stay mostly snow here, we could really, really be looking at some good totals.